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If your student needs Tucson SSAT prep, Varsity Tutors can set them up with resources and instruction that can help them use their time well. If you are hoping to see your student enrolled in a particular private or independent school, the SSAT may be a key part of the application process. Many schools use the SSAT as a standardized way to assess the abilities of prospective students. By preparing effectively for this exam, your student can learn skills and concepts that can have an impact throughout their academic career.

The SSAT is used by private and independent schools to evaluate incoming students. There are different SSAT exams that are aimed at different ages. The Elementary Level is for 3rd-grade or 4th-grade students who are applying for a school that starts the next year. The Middle Level is for 5th through 7th-graders progressing to the next grade. The Upper Level is for 8th through 11th-grade students hoping to attend an independent high school the next year.

What skills can my student learn in their Tucson SSAT prep?

There are five mains sections to each level of the SSAT exam. These sections are Quantitative, Reading, and Verbal sections, and there is also an Experimental section and a Writing Sample. The Experimental section and the Writing Sample are unscored at each level. Let's look at a brief overview of the various sections of the exams.

The Quantitative section measures a student's understanding of math at levels of difficulty appropriate for each age. Younger students will need to demonstrate their understanding of basic math like addition and division. Middle school-aged students will encounter questions related to lower-level algebra and geometry. Older students must display their understanding of data analysis, probability, and other high-level operations. At the Elementary Level, the SSAT features one Quantitative section, but the Middle and Upper Levels have two Quantitative sections.

In the Reading section, students must demonstrate their ability to effectively read and understand passages that are provided on the exam. Elementary-Level students must be able to identify information in a passage such as the main idea, the meaning of particular words, and factual statements. Middle-Level students will encounter questions that come from narrative or argumentative texts. They need to be able to find details, make inferences, and evaluate arguments and opinions. At the Upper level, students will answer questions related to a broader range of texts, and they must apply their reading comprehension skills at a more advanced level.

During the Verbal section, students of all levels must display their vocabulary, knowledge of English word construction, analogies, and other facets of the language. This section requires increasing levels of sophistication as students age. Questions will include topics such as synonyms and antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, and age-appropriate vocabulary.

The Writing Sample is unscored because the focus of the section is not whether the student is "right" or "wrong," but rather, whether they are able to organize their thoughts, use English effectively, and write compellingly. The Writing Sample will be sent to any school to which the student applies, and the school can conduct their own evaluation of the student's writing. Students will respond to a prompt that is either focused on creative or essay writing.

What can Tucson SSAT prep do to help my student get ready for the exam?

There are two main paths for students in their Tuscon SSAT prep. They can work in a group environment during a Tucson SSAT prep course if they learn best around other students. If your student would benefit from more personalized learning, working with a Tuscon SSAT tutor is a great option. Each of these options can help your student to prepare effectively for the exam.

In a Tucson SSAT prep class, your student can learn alongside other students from a skilled instructor. All instructors are vetted to ensure their knowledge of the content on whichever SSAT exam your student is preparing to take. Your student can ask their instructor questions, and participate in discussions with the rest of the class. In addition to hearing other perspectives, this format allows your student to encounter the skills and concepts in a variety of ways. This can help them internalize the content. These classes can also help students develop effective study skills that can be useful throughout their academic career. The class can also discuss test-taking strategies which can alleviate your student's anxiety before the exam and help them to move through the exam more quickly and effectively.

If you want to register your student for a Tucson SSAT prep class, there are new sessions that start every week. Sessions are available at a number of times to accommodate various schedules. Because all sessions take place online, you don't have to worry about helping your student commute to class. They can attend from anywhere with an internet connection. There are both two and four-week classes that your student can take depending on their needs and situation.

If your student works with a Tuscon SSAT tutor, they can experience learning that is based around their needs, goals, and learning style. Your student and their academic mentor can focus on the material that is most important for them. They can learn in ways that help them to process and absorb information well whether they learn best through reading, listening, watching, or practice. The interactions that they have with their mentor via our Live Learning Platform can help them to increase their abilities and comfort with the material.

What do I do to register my student for Tucson SSAT prep?

There are Educational Consultants who are available online or over the phone. They can answer any questions you may have about these services, talk through which service is best for your student, and help with the registration process.

Varsity Tutors can help your student make the most of their Tuscon SSAT preparation. If you want your student to experience the flexible scheduling, skilled instruction, and plentiful resources these services offer, contact an Educational Consultant today.

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