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Varsity Tutors can help K-12 students in preparing for the ISEE by providing Minneapolis ISEE prep options. There are many of them who desire to attend a local independent or magnet school in the area, and in order to enroll in them, they would need to take and do well on the ISEE.

The ISEE, short for the Independent School Entrance Exam, is a test magnet and independent schools use as part of the school admission process. An educational consultant at Varsity Tutors can enroll your student in a prep class or match them with a personal tutor. If they enjoy studying with their peers, we can help enroll them in a Minneapolis ISEE prep class. Do they work better in one-on-one environments? Then, a Minneapolis ISEE tutor should suffice.

What can Minneapolis ISEE prep help my student go over?

The ISEE comes in four versions: Primary Level (Grades 2 through 4), Lower Level (Grades 5 and 6), Middle Level (Grades 7 and 8), and Upper Level (Grades 9 through 12). It features both multiple-choice and essay questions. Online tests are available for all levels, and paper tests are available for students entering 5th through 12th grade. Below is an overview of the levels and exam sections.

The Primary Level features Auditory Comprehension, Math, Reading, and Writing. Only those entering the second grade take the Auditory Comprehension portion. Here, they have to listen to passages containing fiction and nonfiction topics and answer questions based on those topics. The Math portion covers basic math operations. The Reading portion assesses reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. On the Writing sample, they need to write a story about a picture provided on the test.

The Lower Level covers Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Quantitative Reasoning portion tests a student on logic, comparison, and estimation. The Reading Comprehension portion assesses a student's knowledge of vocabulary, tone, and being able to locate the main and supporting ideas in a passage. The Verbal Reasoning section measures a student's knowledge of grade-appropriate vocabulary and their ability to use context clues to finish sentences. The Math Achievement portion tests students on math-related components like measurement and whole numbers. The Essay portion provides an elementary-level topic that gives them a chance to showcase their writing talents.

The Middle Level features Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Quantitative Reasoning section covers square roots, fractions, integers, and other related concepts. The Reading Comprehension portion tests students on skills like inferring vague information and cause and effect. The Verbal Reasoning questions assess a student's ability to use word clues and grade-appropriate vocabulary. While the Math Achievement portion covers topics like geometry, algebra, and data analysis. The Essay portion provides a middle-school-level topic that requires them to compose a grammatically-correct piece.

The Upper Level consists of Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Quantitative Reasoning section at this level assesses a student's mathematical thinking skills. The Reading Comprehension questions measure a student's ability to determine an author's purpose, apply organization and logic, and find the main ideas when reading passages. The Verbal Reasoning portion tests one on parts of speech, synonyms, high-school-level vocabulary, and more. The Math Achievement section includes subjects such as algebra and geometry. The Essay portion provides a high-school-level topic that allows them to demonstrate their writing skills.

The Writing section for each level doesn't get a score, but it gives students opportunities to express their thoughts and creativity. The score they receive on the ISEE is based on the number of correct answers they have. They won't get a penalty for incorrect answers.

What benefits do Minneapolis ISEE prep options provide to my student?

We at Varsity Tutors can enroll them in a prep course or connect them with personal lessons. They can partake in both if they want. Read on to learn more about these programs.

A Minneapolis ISEE prep course is 100 percent online, so your student can partake in lessons from anywhere with a stable internet connection. We offer new sessions on a weekly basis, and your student has a choice of joining a two-week course or a four-week course. During lessons, your student interacts with other pupils and a teacher to go over parts of the ISEE. For example, if you have a Lower Level student, they can build their vocabulary by studying a children's dictionary to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning section. Maybe you have an older student who's going to take the Middle-Level ISEE. They can review fractions and Venn diagrams to get ready for the Math Achievement section. The teacher can provide helpful test-taking tips, such as how to figure out confusing-sounding questions or how to isolate answers.

When your student works with a tutor, they're able to receive direct help in trying to meet their academic needs. For instance, perhaps you have a gifted child who dreams of moving up a grade or two. An instructor can try to cater to their precocious mind by introducing them to advanced-level material. Does your student take in information better by viewing something? A private mentor can attempt to help them understand something more clearly by providing PowerPoint slides, books, or other visual aids. Perhaps they want to be more organized. An educator can suggest they begin categorizing their homework and notes in color-coded or alphabetized folders.

The above programs sound really great. How do I sign my student up for these Minneapolis ISEE preparation options?

Signing your student up with these options is an easy process. You can dial our number or fill out our online contact form, and a representative will get back to you to walk you through the signup procedure. Whether your student wants to study with other kids or prefers to review with a personal instructor, we want to support them every step of the way. Do you want to sign your student up for a Minneapolis ISEE prep program as soon as possible? Then, don't delay! Contact Varsity Tutors today.

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