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If you have a student who is getting ready to take the ISEE, then you can help them have a better test preparation process by signing them up for an Orlando ISEE prep supplement from Varsity Tutors. The ISEE is an important standardized test that is used in the admissions process by independent schools at various grade levels. Doing well on the ISEE could help your student get into the elementary, middle, or high school of their choice.

Still, the ISEE is a difficult exam to prepare for without any guidance. The test features questions on a number of different academic topics, which means that there's a lot of work to do in the pre-test process. Varsity Tutors can help your student with this by getting them started with the Orlando ISEE preparation supplement of their choice. If you think that they would benefit from this type of academic assistance, then consider reaching out to us today to get them started. Or, you can keep reading to get more information on the ISEE and how we can help your child prepare for it.

What's tested on the ISEE?

There are several different versions of the ISEE. The specific test that your child takes will depend on the grade level of the school that they're applying to attend. For example, a student who is applying to an independent high school will complete the Upper-Level ISEE test while a student who is applying to an independent middle school will complete the Middle-Level exam. Below, you'll find a breakdown of the content and format of the Upper-Level ISEE.

The first part of the Upper-Level ISEE is called Verbal Reasoning. This section focuses primarily on your student's English skills. They'll be tasked with answering a series of questions about things like synonyms and sentence completion. To prepare for this section, it's a good idea to spend some reviewing different parts of speech, roots and prefixes, and suffixes from Greek and Latin. Your student can get help with reviewing these things by working with a test prep instructor.

Next, your student will take the Quantitative Reasoning section. This part of the ISEE features 37 questions and has a time limit of 35 minutes. The purpose of the section is to assess the test-takers quantitative math skills. This involves topics like numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis, problem-solving, and probability, among others.

Next up is the ISEE's section on Reading Comprehension. This section also has a time limit of 35 minutes and consists of 36 questions. The topics tested in this section are the author's intent, organization and logic, main and supporting ideas, and vocabulary, among others. Your student will need to be skilled at inferring information not explicitly stated, identifying relationships between different literary genres, comparing and contrasting information, and more to do well on this part of the ISEE.

Fourth is the Math Achievement section of the Upper-Level ISEE. This section consists of 47 questions and has a time limit of 40 minutes. This section shares some similarities with the Quantitative Reasoning section. However, here, your student will also be tested on things like algebra and geometry. The purpose of this section is to assess each test taker's math operations skills. If your student struggles with math, then working with a test prep instructor is a great way to help them prepare for this challenging test section.

Finally, your student's day of testing will conclude with the Essay section. This part of the exam features a prompt that is about a topic of interest to students at the middle school grade level. Your student will have a chance to share more about themselves to the schools that they're applying to attend. They'll have 30 minutes to read the prompt, plan what they want to say, and then create a compelling essay. Doing all of this in a short amount of time can be challenging. Why not sign them up for a preparation supplement to help them prepare for the Essay section?

How can Varsity Tutors help your child prepare for the ISEE?

There are two primary options that you can choose from when deciding which test preparation resource is best for your child. You could sign them up for an Orlando ISEE prep class or get them started with a private tutor. Both of these options have unique benefits associated with them that you can learn more about in the paragraphs below.

Getting your student started with an Orlando ISEE prep course could be just what they need to take their test preparation experience to the next level. They'll learn from an experienced test prep instructor alongside a small group of peers. Their instructor will deliver a series of live lectures that focus on each part of their upcoming ISEE. If your student is having a hard time with one of the topics covered in their class, then they can even sign up to work with their educator in a one-on-one setting to get extra help. All of these factors combine to make ISEE courses a learning opportunity that is primed for academic growth.

Or, you may prefer to sign your student up to work with an Orlando ISEE tutor. This is another solid test preparation option. It gives your student the chance to work directly with their educator in a series of one-on-one study sessions. Your student's tutor can create a customized lesson plan for them that is based on things like their existing academic skill set, test goals, and learning style. Tutoring is a completely personalized learning experience that can help your student improve academically.

How can you get started?

Are you ready to get your child started with an Orlando ISEE prep supplement? If so, the quickest way to do so is by reaching out to Varsity Tutors today. We can help you find the right Orlando ISEE prep option for your student's academic and scheduling needs. Both courses and tutoring are flexible enough to fit into most students' schedules. We'd love to help your student feel more confident on the day of their ISEE and hope to hear from you soon.

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