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Those looking for professional Albany ISEE prep for their student can benefit by contacting Varsity Tutors. We can connect you with a private instructor or enroll your student in a virtual class to help them prepare for this important exam.

The ISEE, or Independent School Entrance Examination, is used by many independent and private schools to assess the capabilities of students applying for admission. The ISEE has many levels and is given to students who are entering second grade all the way to students entering the 12th grade. There are a few different levels of the ISEE corresponding to different grade levels. Regardless of which level of the ISEE your student is going to take, we can help them prepare.

What will my student need to know for the ISEE?

What your student will need to know for the ISEE will depend on what grade they are entering. The following paragraphs explain how the different levels of the ISEE are set up.

The Primary Level has three versions in and of itself. Level 2 of the Primary Level ISEE is for students going into the second grade. Level 3 of the Primary Level ISEE is for students going into the third grade. Level 4 of the Primary Level ISEE is for students going into the fourth grade.

The Lower Level ISEE is for students going into the fifth and sixth grades. The Middle Level ISEE is for students going into the seventh and eighth grades. The Upper Level ISEE is for students going into the ninth, tenth, 11th, and 12th grades.

There are a few differences between the different versions of the Primary Level ISEE. Of course, the questions get progressively harder, as they are all age-appropriate. However, Level 2 of the Primary Level ISEE also has a section that the other two levels do not have: Auditory Comprehension. The three sections that all three versions have in common are the Reading section, the Math section, and the Writing section.

The Lower Level ISEE, Middle Level ISEE, and Upper Level ISEE all have the same outline, the same sections, the same number of questions, and the same amount of time allotted for each section. The difference between them is the level of difficulty on each level of the test.

The general outline for the Lower Level ISEE, Middle Level ISEE, and Upper Level ISEE is as follows: first, there will be a Verbal Reasoning section, which will assess students' English skills. There will be 20 minutes allotted for 40 questions. Next will be the Quantitative Reasoning section, which will test students' quantitative math skills. This section, as opposed to the later Math Achievement section, focuses more on mathematical thinking skills than on math operations. For this section, students will have 35 minutes to complete 37 questions. Next, there will be the Reading Comprehension section, which will test students on concepts such as vocabulary and assess their reading comprehension skills. For this section, students will have 35 minutes to answer 36 questions. The Math Achievement section will be next, and it will focus on mathematical operations. Students will have 40 minutes to answer the 47 questions on the Math Achievement section. Finally, students will have to complete an Essay. The Essay will assess students' writing skills and allow them to tell the schools they are applying to more about themselves, who they are, and what they are interested in. Students will have half an hour for the Essay.

What kind of Albany ISEE prep can I get for my student?

There are two general options that Varsity Tutors provides when it comes to professional prep help for your student in Albany. One of the more popular options is enrolling in an Albany ISEE prep course. These are virtual courses that take place over the internet. The ability for students to take this course from their own homes means easier scheduling and less work for you.

Students have the option of enrolling in either a two-week or a four-week Albany ISEE prep class. Students who have less time until their testing day may benefit most from the two-week class, while students who have more time and need more preparation help may benefit most from the four-week class.

One of the benefits of taking a virtual Albany prep class is the opportunity to study in a supervised setting with an expert instructor. Students taking the class can engage in helpful discussions that benefit the entire class. At the same time, these discussions can be led by the instructor of the class, who can moderate, correct mistakes that students make, interject when needed, and provide helpful insights.

On the other hand, some students prefer to study in a more private environment, which can be achieved by signing up for private tutoring sessions with an Albany ISEE tutor. With a private educational mentor, students can study in a relaxed and comfortable environment without any pressure to keep up with the pace of other students. Students can also have more time to ask questions that are on their mind, as their private teacher can give them 100 percent of their attention and resources. It can also be motivating for your student to have someone who they enjoy spending time with to study with them. We can also find a private mentor who can come to you and have availability that works with your schedule.

Some students decide to get the best of both worlds by enrolling in a course and getting private educational mentoring at the same time. By doing this, students can benefit from both group discussions and private one-on-one instruction.

What should I do to get my student started with their Albany ISEE prep?

If you want to get your student started with professional Albany ISEE preparation, give a call to Varsity Tutors. It does not matter which level of the ISEE your student is going to take, nor what their current level of readiness is. We can help your student enroll in the next available two-week or four-week class, or we can connect them with a private educational mentor in Albany.

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