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If you're interested in personalized GRE Subject Test in Psychology test preparation, Varsity Tutors has just the thing for you! We aim to help you connect with skilled GRE Subject Test in Psychology tutors who can work with you as you prepare for the exam. The GRE Psychology Test may be taken by students who are applying for selective graduate-level psychology degree programs. Some students take it to demonstrate their skills to admissions offices, regardless of their degree program goals. Our academic advisers can help you learn more about our GRE Subject Test in Psychology test prep services.

If you're worried about the exam, our GRE Subject Test in Psychology classes are the ideal opportunity to become more familiar with the exam. You may take practice tests and build your understanding of the format and requirements. The table below illustrates the format of the GRE Psychology Test:

# Questions Question Format Scoring Range Time
205 Multiple-Choice 200-990 (along with subscores for each section ranging from 20-99) 2 hours and 50 minutes

One-on-one GRE Subject Test in Psychology test prep can allow you to enjoy the full attention of a skilled instructor who understands your learning needs. They can create a personalized study plan that factors in your personality, interests, testing and academic goals, and areas of opportunity. GRE Subject Test in Psychology courses can spend time reviewing each area of the exam or diving deeper into more specific topics. You can freely ask questions without fear of embarrassment, as your instructor can patiently explain the content until you feel confident about your understanding.

GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep is a flexible opportunity that can allow you to readily fit your study sessions into your busy schedule. You can connect with an instructor who can meet with you online for GRE Subject Test in Psychology tutoring conducted over our Live Learning Platform. Taking advantage of the learning opportunities offered by our GRE Subject Test in Psychology test prep can help take your study sessions to a new level without interfering with your daily life.

Ongoing GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep sessions can help you feel confident about the sections of the test. Below is a comprehensive list of each section and its components:

GRE Subject Test in Psychology Subsections

  • Biological
    • Sensation and Perception (5-7% of exam)
    • Physiological/Behavioral Neuroscience (12-14% of exam)
  • Cognitive
    • Learning (3-5% of exam)
    • Language (3-4% of exam)
    • Memory (7-9% of exam)
    • Thinking (4-6% of exam)
  • Social (12-14% of exam)
    • Social Perception, Cognition, Attribution, Beliefs
    • Attitudes and Behavior
    • Social Comparison, Self
    • Emotion, Affect, and Motivation
    • Conformity, Influence, and Persuasion
    • Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships
    • Group and Intergroup Processes
    • Cultural or Gender Influences
    • Evolutionary Psychology, Altruism, and Aggression
    • Theories, Applications and Issues
  • Developmental (12-14% of exam)
    • Nature-Nurture
    • Physical and Motor
    • Perception and Cognition
    • Language
    • Learning, Intelligence
    • Social, Personality
    • Emotion
    • Socialization, Family and Cultural
    • Theories, Applications and Issues
  • Clinical
    • Personality (3-5% of exam)
    • Clinical and Abnormal (12-14% of exam)
  • Measurement/Methodology/Other
    • General (4-6% of exam)
    • Measurement and Methodology (11-13% of exam)

A GRE Subject Test in Psychology course operates at a pace that is ideal for you. For example, if you need a little extra time reviewing motivation, arousal, and emotion, your instructor can slow it down for you. Likewise, if you master evolutionary psychology quickly, they can switch gears and focus your attention on a different concept. Our GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep services aim to accommodate your needs for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Your instructor can find unique ways to keep you engaged in the GRE Subject Test in Psychology prep. They may choose to utilize custom tools and activities based around your personal interests. For instance, perhaps you enjoy video games. Your tutor may find ways to relate the information to your favorite games as they keep you focused on your GRE Subject Test in Psychology class.

You don't have to prepare for the exam on your own. Luckily, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by one-on-one GRE Subject Test in Psychology test prep. Contact Varsity Tutors' academic advisers to learn more about our GRE Subject Test in Psychology preparation services and how they can support you.

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