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If you're currently working as a broker and are ready to move into advising others in their investments, you might be interested to find out that Varsity Tutors can set you up with individualized Series 66 test prep courses. We set you up one on one with a Series 66 prep instructor who can help you focus on the areas of the exam where you have the best opportunities to improve your performance. Reach out to our Educational Directors today or keep on reading below so you can learn more about how Series 66 courses can provide you with the help you need in a focused and efficient way.

When you sign up for a customized Series 66 class, you get the undivided attention of someone who understands the expectations of the Uniform Combined State Law Examination. Your tutor can work with you to ensure that you understand and can apply your knowledge of investment vehicles, client retirement plans, laws, regulations, and ethics. You can dictate what you want to focus on, or your Series 66 test prep instructor can assess your needs to figure out a custom study plan to keep you progressing towards your goals. A personalized Series 66 course is all about helping you build your skills and understanding by catering to your precise needs to save time and effort while helping you understand exactly what you need to know.

Series 66 prep can get you ready for all sections of the exam. Here's a quick breakdown of the Series 66 exam sections and their weights:

Series 66 Exam Breakdown

Section Percentage of Test
Economic Factors and Business Information 5%
Investment Vehicle Characteristics 20%
Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies 30%
Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines Including Prohibition on Unethical Business Practices 45%

There's a lot of information to have at the front of your mind on exam day, so your Series 66 preparation needs to be well-rounded. Your personalized Series 66 classes can cover all of the topics, but they can also help you develop stronger skills in taking tests. Series 66 tutors help students learn how to manage their time on the exam, increase their chances of getting tough multiple-choice questions right, and alleviate test anxiety with a combination of solid prep and relaxation techniques.

Another advantage of Series 66 tutoring is that sessions can move at your normal learning pace while using teaching approaches that match your learning style. Your Series 66 prep instructor can talk you through concepts, work alongside you through practice questions, diagram concepts on a whiteboard, or use a combination of different techniques to ensure you feel comfortable with a topic before moving on.

Varsity Tutors also tried to make Series 66 test preparation as convenient for you as we can. We do all the work to identify a Series 66 test prep instructor who has the proper skill set and who can offer sessions at a time that can fit somewhere in your schedule. We also make sure you don't have to travel to get a session in. Our Live Learning Platform lets you meet with your Series 66 test prep instructor online for face to face meetings with a virtual whiteboard and other handy tools.

If you're ready to get started with effective Series 66 prep, contact Varsity Tutors today.

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