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If you want to provide the student in your life with the best possible CogAT prep, look no further than a private CogAT class from Varsity Tutors. The CogAT is an aptitude test used for placement in gifted programs and other cognitive assessments, so it could prove very important as your student reaches for their academic goals. Keep reading to learn more about the CogAT test preparation services we offer!

One of the first steps in CogAT test prep is familiarizing a student with the content and structure of the exam. The test measures a test-taker's cognitive abilities through their responses to unconventional questions, so gaining experience with the questions during a CogAT course before taking the test could provide a significant advantage. The list below illustrates the types of questions students can expect on each of the test's three sections:

Test Areas

  • Verbal Reasoning
    • Verbal Classification
    • Sentence Completion
    • Verbal Analogies
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
    • Figure Classification
    • Figure Analogies
    • Figure Analysis
  • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Quantitative Relations
    • Number Series
    • Equation Building

One of the advantages of private CogAT tutoring is the ability to concentrate on any area of CogAT test prep. For example, let's say your student is stronger on the Verbal and Quantitative sections than the Nonverbal section. CogAT tutors might emphasize figure classifications and figure analogies until their pupil is more comfortable with those topics. There are no time constraints associated with CogAT classes, so your student does not have to be rushed through the CogAT prep process.

Private CogAT preparation also provides unrestricted access to a knowledgeable instructor capable of handling any questions you or your student have in a timely manner. In fact, some students may find it easier to ask for assistance from a teacher they've been working with in a one-on-one learning environment than an instructor in a crowded classroom. If your student is willing to ask for help as needed, it may prevent a misunderstanding from spiraling out of control.

Even more importantly, your student's instructor may be able to design CogAT prep sessions with their pupil's unique needs in mind. For example, practice questions may incorporate a student's interests to make the learning process more engaging. Let's face it: questions like the ones below are pretty dry:

Practice Questions

  • Salt -> Pepper : black -> __________
    • color
    • seasoning
    • white
    • crayon
  • The teacher ___________ that lesson to the students last year.
    • saw
    • remembered
    • taught
    • learned
    • teach

If your student quickly loses interest in traditional questions, their instructor might try to spice up CogAT test prep. Perhaps the names of their siblings would make for more interesting sentence completions, or analogies could be drawn from their favorite TV show. As long as they are practicing the right underlying skills, the actual content of the questions doesn't really matter.

Varsity Tutors also makes attending CogAT courses as convenient as it can be. Sessions take place on our innovative Live Learning Platform, providing students with the benefits of face-to-face instruction without the logistical headache of trying to meet in person. Likewise, we try to connect every student with an instructor who can meet on your schedule. CogAT test prep should be something that fits into your busy lifestyle, not dictate your entire life.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of formal CogAT prep from Varsity Tutors, don't hesitate to contact us today! Educational Directors are standing by to help address any further questions you may have.

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