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Students looking to take the USMLE can contact Varsity Tutors to enroll in a Columbus USMLE course. Studying for the USMLE isn't easy, especially if you go it alone. Instead of trying to tackle USMLE testing materials on your own in addition to your medical school course load or full-time job, get in touch with Varsity Tutors to begin your Columbus USMLE course.

What can a Columbus USMLE class go over?

The USMLE, also known as the United States Medical Licensing Exams, is a test taken by individuals looking to receive a medical license in the United States. The USMLE has a three-step testing process which is usually completed over the course of seven years. Step One of the USMLE typically begins for a medical student at the end of their second year of schooling. Step One of the USMLE is a one-day test session consisting of 280 multiple choice questions which are divided into seven 60 minute blocks.

Step Two of the USMLE usually happens after a medical student's fourth year of school. Step Two features a Clinical Knowledge section and a Clinical Skills section. The Clinical Knowledge section is a one-day test session where individuals are asked to answer 316 multiple choice questions, broken up into eight 60 minute blocks. The Clinical Skills section relates to patient cases. Each student is given 12 patient cases, as well as 15 minutes for each patient meeting and 10 minutes to record patient notes. This portion of the exam is only administered at six different test centers in the United States which are in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and two facilities in Philadelphia. During the Clinical Skills portion of the USMLE, students are tested on three subcomponents: Spoken English Proficiency, Integrated Clinical Encounter, and Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Step Three of the USMLE is usually taken during an individual's first or second year of postgraduate training. Step Three is broken up into two testing dates. On the first day, test-takers are given about 230 multiple choice test questions, divided into six 60 minute blocks, with each block containing about 40 questions. On day two, students are given about 180 multiple choice test questions, split into six 45 minute blocks, with each block including about 30 questions. Also on day two, there are 13 computer-based case simulations for students to work through. Each simulation is allowed a maximum of 10 or 20 minutes of real time.

How can a Columbus USMLE class help me prepare?

The USMLE is a comprehensive test that covers a lot of information. If you are feeling overwhelmed studying for this exam, consider enrolling in a class. With help from a class, you can study the immune system, behavioral health, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, and so much more. The guided learning offered through a Columbus USMLE class allows you to receive a more in-depth understanding of your study materials. Plus, each class is led by a skilled and professional instructor. Not only does your instructor understand the USMLE and its components, but they also understand how to help students of all skill levels learn. During your live, online USMLE class, you can ask your instructor any questions you may have. This can offer you quick and relevant replies that can help you feel more confident in the musculoskeletal system, blood and lymphoreticular system, or general principles of foundational science. Not only can you reap the perks of the interactive platform, but so can your peers. Students can contact one another to collaboratively move through their studies of the sections of the USMLE. If you are the type of student who usually benefits from interactive learning, a USMLE class is for you.

How can I enroll in a Columbus USMLE course?

Whether you are a student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, or you are a full-time working professional in the medical field, you can enjoy the benefits of a Columbus USMLE prep course. By working through a focused and guided course, you can learn via unique teaching approaches. You can also receive test-taking advice that can prepare you for your exam dates. Feel more comfortable when taking the USMLE by properly preparing through a course.

You can enroll in a USMLE course that meets on your schedule. Thanks to the flexibility of online courses, you don't have to worry about wasting time making a commute to an in-person session. Instead, log onto your computer, connect to the internet, and get started with your Columbus USMLE course offered by Varsity Tutors right away!

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