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If you are preparing for the USMLE, the Albuquerque USMLE course with Varsity Tutors can set you up with many course options to suit your busy schedule. One of the most common problems for students from schools like The University of New Mexico School of Medicine when preparing for the USMLE is finding a test prep course that fits their schedule. Commuting to and from the test review center can also be an inconvenient experience that can take away precious hours from your already tight daily schedule. The Albuquerque USMLE prep course answers this problem by offering the review completely online.

What are some of the topics an Albuquerque USMLE class can cover?

There are three different exams called "Steps" that make up the USMLE. Let's take a closer look at the contents of each Step.

For Step 1, you need to answer 280 multiple-choice questions about basic science principles. The questions will cover subjects such as pathology, pharmacology, behavioral science, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology.

For Step 2, you need to take on two types of exams - the Step 2 Clinical Knowledge, or CK, and Step 2 Clinical Skills, or CS. The first test is made up of 316 multiple-choice questions that are designed to check your knowledge of clinical science principles necessary in practicing medicine in a supervised situation. The second test will require you to use your skills in examining and giving a diagnosis of different patient cases. It has 12 simulated cases where you are given 15 minutes for each patient and 10 minutes for completing your patient notes. You'll also need to take this test at one of the six designated test centers: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and two centers in Philadelphia.

For Step 3, you need to also demonstrate your ability to examine and diagnose patients. There are two sets of tests for Step 3 taken in two separate days. Day 1 has about 233 multiple-choice questions and Day 2 has about 180 multiple-choice questions and 13 computer-based patient-care simulations. You are given 10 or 20 minutes of real time for the patient-care questions.

What are the advantages of enrolling in an Albuquerque USMLE course?

The online USMLE course with Varsity Tutors offers several advantages that can help you have a more effective test prep. The course makes it easy for you to start your review with a wide range of course times to choose from. If you are busy in the mornings because of medical school classes and other personal commitments, you can choose from our evening course times. And since it's online, you don't need to worry about coming home late and can actually save a lot of hours more for individual study in the evening after your class.

The online course is led by expert USMLE instructors with many years of medical and USMLE experience, so you know you are learning from people who are highly qualified to teach the review. Your instructor can share real-world patient-care scenarios or cases that can help you think like a doctor and use what you know in clinical science principles, basic sciences, and patient care. If you are struggling with certain topics or want to clarify details about a case discussed in class, you can also get help from your instructor in a one-on-one meeting. This personalized attention can be an effective way to make sense of things you don't understand without feeling self-conscious around other students.

Your Albuquerque USMLE class instructor can also help you learn test-taking techniques that can make you perform better in the test. The USMLE is not like other standardized exams where you are mainly tested on how much you know a certain subject. The test assesses your ability to apply your medical knowledge, skills, attitude, and values to real-life, patient-centered situations. Your expert USMLE instructor can discuss tips on how you can best answer this type of test.

How can I enroll in an Albuquerque USMLE course?

The USMLE is a very demanding test that requires you to invest your time, effort, and money for many years to come. You need to pass Step 1 and Step 2 before you can be eligible for Step 3. This means that each time you need to prepare for an upcoming USMLE test, you'll have to build on what you have learned in the previous reviews. This service can help you do your USMLE test prep the right way. Contact Varsity Tutors to learn more about getting started with a Virginia Beach USMLE course.

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