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If you're looking for a Kansas City USMLE prep course, Varsity Tutors can help you find one. The USMLE, or United States Medical Licensing Exams, are a series of standardized tests used to measure whether aspiring medical professionals have the skills required for the independent practice of medicine. These exams are comprehensive, so you'll be tested on everything you studied at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, the University of Kansas Medical Center, or another local med school. Keep reading to learn more about how a course can help you study for this challenging examination.

What topics can I expect to cover in a Kansas City USMLE course?

Enrolling in a Kansas City USMLE class allows you to learn all about the exam's content and structure under the tutelage of a knowledgeable instructor. The USMLE is split into three separate tests called "Steps." Step 1 evaluates a test-taker's command of basic scientific concepts and is generally taken at the end of your second year in medical school. Step 2 is divided into two separate parts (Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills) usually taken during your fourth year of medical school. Step 3 is a two-day exam measuring whether you have the medical knowledge required to practice medicine.

Your class can concentrate on the specific Step you're studying for to help improve your productivity. For example, somebody studying for the Step 1 test might need to review the musculoskeletal system, while a student preparing for Step 3 might go over biostatistics and how the social sciences may affect access to medical care. Any questions you have can be answered promptly, allowing you to seek assistance before a simple misunderstanding snowballs into a significant learning obstacle.

All three exams also measure your intellectual endurance. For instance, Step 1 contains approximately 240 multiple-choice questions divided into seven separately timed 60-minute blocks, creating an interesting scenario where you're testing for seven hours straight and yet remain constantly under pressure to finish a group of questions. If you need to pick up the pace without rushing through the exam, your instructor can teach you time management techniques to help you finish on time.

What are the benefits of taking a Kansas City USMLE course?

Each Kansas City USMLE class takes place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, a virtual classroom that allows you to see and hear both your instructor and your fellow students in real time. You might initially view classmates as potential distractions, but many students actually find that working in a collaborative learning environment makes it easier to grasp challenging concepts.

For example, the Clinical Skills section in Step 2 requires test-takers to take 12 patient histories in a realistic simulation of a physician's day-to-day activities. You are graded on how well you communicate both with your patients and your colleagues via a "patient note" written after each encounter, a style of exam that you may not be familiar with. You and your fellow students can take turns role-playing these encounters to give you an idea of how to approach the actual exam.

You can also help each other out while the teacher is working with somebody else. If you understand the endocrine system but one of your peers does not, you can explain it to them and reinforce your own understanding. Similarly, a peer's take on a challenging concept may feel more relatable to you since they are studying for the same test.

Studying in a group also allows you to split the cost of your standardized test prep, making it more affordable than you might think. If you feel like you need individualized attention to grasp a particular concept, you can also request private time with your teacher on an as-needed basis.

We also try to make enrolling in a course as convenient as possible. Studying online only requires you to log into a website from your favorite study spot, so you never need to worry about commuting anywhere. We also offer multiple course sessions concurrently, including two and four-week options to help you find a fit for your lifestyle. New courses launch monthly, so you can get started whenever you're ready to take your test prep to the next level.

How do I sign up for a Kansas City USMLE course?

Simply use the information provided below to speak with a knowledgeable Educational Consultant who can walk you through the entire enrollment process. Contact Varsity Tutors today to enroll in a Kansas City USMLE class and start working toward your dreams!

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