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Varsity Tutors is offering an online Pittsburgh USMLE course to help students prepare for the USMLE test. Are you a medical student or recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine studying for Step 1, 2, or 3 of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)? Sign up for the course today. Passing all three Steps of the test is required to get a medical license to practice in the United States. We are enrolling students who want to work with a professional educator in an online class environment to prepare for the test.

What could a Pittsburgh USMLE class cover?

Since there are three different Steps to this particular test, a student may begin a prep class before any of the Steps. Students will work on refreshing themselves and their classmates on the material covered in these Steps. This may include, but is not limited to, studying the gastrointestinal system, behavioral health, or the musculoskeletal system. The expert instructor will assess what topics need to be covered by determining the classes' overall level of understanding. The Pittsburgh USMLE prep course may also cover the practical skills needed for Step 2's Clinical Skills and Step 3's case simulations. Instructors will remind students how each of the Steps are laid out.

Step 1 is taken in one day and is made up of 280 multiple choice questions. Students will have seven 60-minute blocks to answer these questions. Most medical students will take Step 1 after their second year of schooling.

Step 2 is taken over two days at one of six testing centers across the United States. The first day covers the Clinical Knowledge section, which is a 316 question multiple choice test broken into eight sections of 60 minutes each. The second day is the Clinical Skills test. Students will have 12 patient cases to work through. Each case, including patient note-writing time, must be completed within 25 minutes. Your score will be based on three subcategories: Spoken English Proficiency, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, and Integrated Clinical Encounter. Students often take Step 2 during or after their fourth year of schooling. Step 3 can only be taken after passing the first two Steps.

Step 3 is a two-day test. The first day will have a 233-question multiple choice test. The second day will have a 180-question multiple choice test and 13 computer-based case simulations. Step 3 is often taken in the first or second year of postgraduate training. To gain a medical license, most licensing facilities require the three Steps of the USMLE to be taken within a seven-year period.

What are the advantages of enrolling in a Pittsburgh USMLE course?

There are many concepts that you must know in order to ensure that you are adequately prepared to become a licensed medical professional. The instructor can go over various test-taking strategies such as identifying key words in the question to eliminate incorrect choices or utilizing visual memorization with flashcards. For example, students may work on memorizing parts of the female reproductive system. The class may also go over practice computer case scenarios like the ones you will see during Step 3 of the test.

The Pittsburgh USMLE class is held in an online learning environment. This gives students the ability to learn and work where they feel most comfortable. The students and teacher will use a webcam and microphone to interact with one another. There is also a virtual whiteboard which allows note-taking and collaboration between students. Studies show that when a student is able to help another student with a topic, they are often better able to understand it themselves. If a student feels like they need extra time or attention to a certain topic that is on the test, they can request an online one-on-one session with the instructor.

How can I sign up for a Pittsburgh USMLE course?

We have a rolling admissions structure for our online test prep classes. This means that new classes start at the beginning of each month, so you can time out your prep class accordingly with your test date(s). Classes are offered at several different times throughout the day. You may choose an afternoon class, early morning class, or even an evening class. Students enrolling in the course are able to choose either a two-week or a four-week program. Give Varsity Tutors a call today to get connected with an educational consultant. Our consultants will happily help place you into the online Pittsburgh USMLE class that works best for you and your unique schedule.

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