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The GRE could have a real impact on your future, and Varsity Tutors can help by connecting you with a Columbus GRE prep course. If you've got your sights set on the GRE, you're probably in the process of applying to the grad school of your choice. Maybe there's a grad program at Franklin University that you're dying to get into. Or perhaps you've got your heart set on The Ohio State University Grad School. In any case, these institutions might require you to take the GRE in order to evaluate your true academic potential. Put simply, they're trying to figure out whether you really belong at their school. And unsurprisingly, your score on the GRE has a real impact on their final decision.

Obviously, it's important to study for every single test you take. But the GRE is one test that might determine a very significant part of your future. Many students choose to take their study sessions very seriously when approaching the GRE, and for good reason. This test isn't easy. There are three sections that each require completely different skills, and most students take almost four hours to complete the entire GRE. Just like the SAT that you might remember from high school, the GRE is highly standardized. It's taken by students across over 160 countries, and most students take the computer-based GRE. And because the GRE is so standardized, it's accepted by thousands of colleges and universities all around the world.

Make no mistake, the GRE could be a crucial stepping stone between you and the academic future you envision for yourself. With the right help, you could gain a fuller understanding of the GRE and everything you might face as you take this test. For many students out there, it makes sense to invest in a GRE prep course. After all, the outcome of this test could play a major role in their academic future.

What Does A Columbus GRE Course Focus On?

Your GRE prep course might cover a wide variety of different topics pertaining to the GRE. This test covers all kinds of different skills, and it makes sense to practice them all during these GRE prep courses. An expert, highly qualified instructor can help you gain a deeper level of understanding of these skills so you'll understand what's expected from GRE test takers. You'll learn in a virtual classroom setting where you can interact with your instructor and other students and ask them questions. As you progress through different sessions of your GRE prep course, you'll learn about everything you might find on the test.

Analytical Writing is essentially the essay section of the test. The only difference is that instead of providing just one written response, you'll be asked to provide two. That's right, this section is split into to separate components, and you'll have thirty minutes to write a written response for each component. In the first component, you'll be asked to analyze an issue, while the second component involves analyzing an argument. These two things might sound quite similar, but they're actually very different. Your instructor might help you to understand the difference. Your instructor might also reveal how important it is to organize your responses before actually writing down your analyses. If you want to get through these two components within the time limits, you'll need to be organized and efficient. Your written responses are evaluated on a number of factors, including coherence, articulation, and focus. You'll also be asked to provide evidence, reasons, and examples that back up each response.

Verbal Reasoning mainly revolves around reading comprehension. You'll be asked to read several passages, some of which contain many paragraphs. You'll then be asked questions about those passages. You might be asked to summarize a passage or identify an argument's strengths and weaknesses. You might also be asked to reach conclusions based on the passages you've read. The questions in this section can vary wildly, and you might also be asked to fill in blanks and complete sentences that are missing certain features. An instructor might prepare you for the various questions you might find waiting in the Verbal Reasoning section.

Quantitative Reasoning sounds slightly misleading. This section is almost entirely based on math skills. Sure, there are a few logic and reasoning questions sprinkled throughout this section, but for the most part, you'll be putting your math skills to the test. You might find questions based on geometry. You might also find questions that test your knowledge of algebra. Arithmetic questions are also common. Many students choose to practice these math skills extensively before taking the GRE, and a Columbus GRE course can really help you do this.

Note that there is an Experimental and Research section at the end of the GRE, although these won't count towards your final score.

How Does A Columbus GRE Class Help Me Study?

You'll attend your GRE classes in fully virtual, online classrooms that are taught by expert instructors. In these classes, you'll have the chance to ask questions and interact with your instructor in the same way you would in a normal classroom. You'll also listen as other students ask questions of their own, and you might gain even more insight this way. And if you need a little extra help with some of the more difficult concepts covered in these classes, you can book one-on-one time with your instructor.

How Can I Find A Columbus GRE Class?

One advantage of a GRE class is that it's extremely flexible. New classes start every single week, and you can choose between a two-week course and a four-week course. You can even choose to take these classes in various time slots throughout the day. Whether you're a working professional or a full-time student, Varsity Tutors will help you find a class that fits your schedule.

Remember, the results of your GRE will be taken into account when you apply for various grad schools. It makes sense to study as best you can before the big day. Take your studying seriously. Contact Varsity Tutors, and we can connect you with a Columbus GRE class that works for you.

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