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Are you a high school junior or senior and have a CLEP Natural Sciences exam approaching? Seek out some help with your test with a Varsity Tutors CLEP Natural Sciences prep class. An educational consultant can assist you with signing up for a CLEP Natural Sciences prep course, which features an expert instructor who grants you one-on-one attention. These CLEP Natural Sciences prep classes contain flexible schedules, so they won't interfere with your other responsibilities.

CLEP, also known as the College Level Examination Program, offers 33 tests containing intro-level college class material. If you take and pass one of the tests, you could earn three or more credits toward approximately 3,000 post-secondary institutions.

The CLEP Natural Sciences exam involves science topics that college freshmen and sophomores study. These topics satisfy general education standards, and students who study them are non-science majors. Take a look below at the exam's number of questions, score percentage, topics, and time limit:

Topics % of Test # Questions
Biological Science 50% 120 90 Minutes
Physical Science 50%

With CLEP Natural Sciences prep courses, you can work at your individual speed. Do you need help interpreting graphs or certain scientific principles? A tutor can break information down in smaller chunks and conduct the lesson at a slower pace to attempt to help you understand a topic better. Perhaps you have the opposite problem; you already mastered certain material and desire to move on to discussing more challenging topics you want to learn more about. A tutor can adjust your CLEP Natural Sciences course lesson plans so that you can feed your bright mind. Additionally, you can ask a tutor to conduct a CLEP Natural Sciences class session in a way that satisfies your personal learning style. Everyone takes in information differently, so feel free to request visual aids, sound files, or anything else you think might help you learn better.

The CLEP Natural Sciences exam requires you to thoroughly know about specific topics related to biological and physical sciences. Here they are below in detail:

  • Biological Science
    • 10% Origin and evolution of life, classification of organisms
    • 10% Cell organization, cell division, chemical nature of the gene, bioenergetics, biosynthesis
    • 20% Structure, function, and development in organisms; patterns of heredity
    • 10% Concepts of population biology with emphasis on ecology
  • Physical Science
    • 7% Atomic and nuclear structure and properties, elementary particles, nuclear reactions
    • 10% Chemical elements, compounds and reactions, molecular structure and bonding
    • 12% Heat, thermodynamics, and states of matter; classical mechanics; relativity
    • 4% Electricity and magnetism, waves, light, and sound
    • 7% The universe: galaxies, stars, the solar system
    • 10% The Earth: atmosphere, hydrosphere, structure features, geologic processes, and history

In a CLEP Natural Sciences class, you can get hands-on experience with the exam thanks to several studying methods, which can ease test anxiety and reduce surprises. A tutor can provide you with practice exams, flashcards, or run drills with you. You can also request a creative approach such as using mnemonics to remember specific components of physical of biological science. If you want to work on trying to eliminate test jitters, a tutor can offer relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and test-taking strategies to handle the unexpected.

As you get ready to apply to colleges, it's essential for you to hit the books so that you can do well on the CLEP exams and any other pre-college exams you may have in your future. A tutor can make sure that you're using your study time responsibly by giving you handy time management tips and note-taking advice. To make study sessions with a tutor easier, we offer a Live Learning Platform that lets you get together with them through your computer or preferred mobile device. To learn more about how a CLEP Natural Sciences course can assist you and to begin the signup process, please contact Varsity Tutors today.

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