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If you are an insurance professional looking into ARM-E prep classes, Varsity Tutors can help you find an ARM-E course to help you improve your self-confidence heading into the exam. "ARM-E" stands for The Associate in Risk Management - Enterprise Risk Management. It is a certification earned by insurance industry professionals who are trying to expand the services they can provide to clients. If you feel that an ARM-E prep course could improve your study skills, please reach out to us for more information today!

ARM-E applicants need to pass several exams to earn the certification, as highlighted by the table below:

ARM Courses Focus
ARM 54 Risk Management Principles and Practices
ARM 55 Risk Assessment and Treatment
ARM 56 Risk Financing
ERM 57 Enterprise Risk Management

Of those, the ERM 57 exam is the one that deals most directly with enterprise risk management. The beauty of ARM-E prep courses is the ability to study whatever concepts you need the most work on. If you are still studying for one of the more introductory ARM tests, you may concentrate on it during your ARM-E class. When you are ready for the ERM 57 test, you may shift gears and focus on it in your ARM-E course instead.

The ERM 57 is divided into three segments labeled A, B, and C. Please see the list below for more information on what topics each segment covers:

  • ERM 57 Segment A Topics:
    • Introduction to enterprise risk management
    • Enterprise risk management in an organization
    • ERM framework and process
    • Risk oversight
  • ERM 57 Segment B Topics:
    • Strategic planning and ERM
    • Risk-based performance and process management
    • Internal audit and control
    • Regulation and compliance
  • ERM 57 Segment C Topics:
    • Risk assessment and treatment
    • Risk modeling
    • Big data analytics
    • Risk-based capital allocation
    • Risk management environment and culture

Unlike some competing products, there are no time constraints associated with a Varsity Tutors ARM-E prep class. If you feel that you could benefit from a longer look at a given topic, you may spend multiple ARM-E class sessions studying it. Alternatively, you may quickly move on to something new if you feel that you understand a particular concept.

Similarly, the one-on-one learning environment we provide could allow your instructor to cater sessions to your unique needs. For instance, every individual has their own learning tendencies. A private study environment allows a tutor to adapt to the ways you learn best.

Your instructor can also answer your questions promptly, allowing you to address any concerns you may have before they become an issue. For example, let's say that the relationship between big data analytics and risk-based capital allocations isn't sticking in your mind for some reason. Your instructor can provide real-world illustrations of how big data can and should inform capital allocation decisions during your ARM-E courses to make the relationship easier to visualize.

At Varsity Tutors, we also make every effort to refer you to an instructor who can meet according to your availability. Furthermore, our Live Learning Platform allows you to receive live instruction online, eliminating the need to physically meet with your instructor. Nobody wants to stop living life while they prepare for a test, so we try to make the process as convenient as we can.

Our ARM-E classes can equip you with everything you need to reach for academic success on exam day. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out to an Educational Consultant for more information today!

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