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For students who want support as they move through Buffalo French lessons, Varsity Tutors can offer assistance. French is a very popular language and is widely spoken around the world. Learning a new language can be a daunting task, with new rules of word usage and grammar to learn as well as punctuation. But there are millions of individuals who speak the French language, and if you're interested in a little academic support as you join those other speakers, we can help.

There are many things about the French language that can make it tough for students, whether they're attending first-year classes at P.S. 195 - City Honors School or they've had some instruction and are now looking at college-level courses in the language at the University of Buffalo. The future tense and modal verbs cause some students to struggle, whereas others need a little support in figuring out the verbs used to discuss opinions. It doesn't matter what a student wants support with or whether a student feels more comfortable learning in a traditional classroom environment versus one-on-one instruction with a Buffalo French tutor - we can set you up with these resources.

What might an instructor cover during Buffalo French lessons?

Some students grasp the nuances of the French language with ease, but for individuals who aren't as comfortable, unfamiliar concepts like nominalization or passé composé could prove to be a little difficult. These are topics that a Buffalo French tutor could cover in one-on-one study sessions or a classroom instructor could go over in Buffalo French lessons. Classes include multiple students and give you an experience that is closer to what you'd get in a school. You'll also find that no matter which method of instruction you choose, an academic mentor will provide many opportunities to practice, whether you're focusing on conversational French and speaking or you're working on the written language. If you have more opportunity to use the language through conversation or in writing, understanding and remembering the complexities of the French language should become easier over time.

Depending on your goals and what you struggle with, your instructor may suggest that your sessions be immersive, where French is the only spoken language in the sessions. They might also target the written language if that's where you're feeling the need for more help. The level of customization will also depend on which method of academic support you choose. Private instructors may be able to find study aids that work with a student's particular learning style or use a variety of elements in sessions to target specific skills, like roleplays and quizzes to practice vocabulary, watching a favorite movie with French subtitles, or using music as a means to understand nuances in the way French is communicated emotionally.

How do the two methods of Buffalo French lessons work?

When you sign up for Buffalo French classes, which start every month and are available in two-week and four-week formats, you'll use the Internet and a Live Learning Platform to attend sessions. There will be other students in the classroom with you and your instructor, which creates a different kind of energy as you work through various concepts and vocabulary in the French language. This style of instruction offers more opportunity for collaboration and sharing of study tips and often works well for individuals who enjoy the classroom setting and working with other students. You may have sessions where you focus on si + tenses, and then the next week you may focus on past and future tenses. In sessions that include others, your instructor will have other students too, and you'll have others to share tips, converse with, and learn from,. But, in the classroom-style method, you will have the option to contact them for one-on-one discussion as well as you work your way through the class syllabus.

With private academic mentoring, there's quite a bit more opportunity for personalization. In one-on-one sessions with a Buffalo French tutor, you'll have their total attention. Your tutor will get to know you from the start, and that means they'll learn about your personality, what you feel you struggle with, and how you learn best. They'll create a schedule that works for you - of topics and of meeting dates and times; as you move through your sessions, they'll take note of topics that you find easier and may rearrange the topics you're studying in the different sessions to provide more time to work on the topics you struggle with while still covering the information you know and have found easier. They might suggest that you speak French and only French during sessions or give practice tests throughout your sessions together to judge how you're progressing. They might even dedicate time in a session to helping you move through homework that you're struggling with.

No matter which method you choose, Buffalo French lessons are meant to help you improve your understanding of the vocabulary and the nuances of the language. The ultimate goal of these lessons is to help you strengthen your knowledge, whether you're attending an area high school like Canisius High School or you're enrolled in college-level French and your aim is to get ahead of your syllabus and prepare for exams.

How do I find a Buffalo French tutor?

You could spend time asking for recommendations, or you could reach out to Varsity Tutors today for help in finding Buffalo French lessons that work for your schedule and your learning style. Our educational consultants know the ins and outs of both instructional methods and can help you to understand the benefits that come with both methods. They can help you figure out which style of instruction works best for you and enroll you in a classroom-style session as soon as the month's sessions begin or get you started in as little as 24 hours if you're looking for a Buffalo French tutor for one-on-one sessions. We look forward to helping you as you strive for your goals in French classes. Contact us today!

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