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Varsity Tutors provides a comprehensive Virginia Beach Series 7 exam prep course to help you prepare for this challenging exam. Series 7 is a standardized test administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (or FINRA) in order to assess if a given individual has the requisite skills to act as an entry-level general securities representative. It (and its prerequisite, the Securities Industry Essentials exam) is required in order to obtain a license as a stockbroker in the United States.

FINRA tests can be tough, so there's nothing wrong with needing a little bit of extra help to get through it. Our Virginia Beach Series 7 exam class offerings provide insight into not only the academic concepts on the exam, but also test-taking strategies that you can fall back on if you're feeling stumped. Continue reading to learn more about why a class may be a great investment in your future.

What subjects can I review in a Virginia Beach Series 7 exam course?

Some of the core concepts covered by the Series 7 exam include retirement plans, options, packaged securities, debt instruments, equity, taxation, and investment risk. You are also expected to know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner with both present and prospective clients. Should you have questions regarding any of these topics, your Virginia Beach Series 7 exam class instructor can address them in a timely fashion.

Many students also take practice exams under realistic test-taking conditions in order to develop a familiarity with the structure of the Series 7 exam. The test contains 125 multiple-choice items over a testing session of 225 minutes, so you might not have as much time per question as you would like. Your instructor can show you how to rule out obviously incorrect answer choices so that you may take an educated guess and move onto the next item. Completing practice tests can also help you pinpoint your academic strengths and any areas of opportunity you might want to concentrate on between class sessions.

What are some of the benefits of taking a Virginia Beach Series 7 exam course?

Every course we provide is led by a knowledgeable instructor who has undergone a thorough vetting process in order to ensure that they are up-to-date with everything concerning the Series 7. We also verify that they have great communication skills, ensuring that they can share their extensive knowledge with students like you in an effective manner.

Each session also takes place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, an online classroom that allows you to interact with your instructor in real time from anywhere with a solid internet connection. For example, if you work a day job at the University of Virginia and would prefer to study before your drive home, you can take out your preferred mobile device and attend your class in the university library. Alternatively, you can take a class when your roommates are usually out of the house for a distraction-free learning experience at home. Why commute to a class when it can come to you?

You can also hear and see your classmates on our proprietary platform, allowing you to foster a collaborative learning environment where questions are encouraged to promote a deeper understanding of academic concepts. For instance, if you're having a hard time with ETFs, hearing one of your peers explain them may be the alternative voice that helps it stick in your head. You can also complete group assignments to approach issues in new ways that may help you on exam day. For example, role-playing a meeting with a new client could help a kinesthetic learner understand how to interact with them.

Studying in a group also gives you tremendous value for your money since you can split the bill with multiple classmates. If you ever feel like you could benefit from personalized attention, you may also arrange private study sessions with your instructor to get extra help as needed.

We understand how busy you are and make our courses as schedule-friendly as possible. We offer multiple course sessions simultaneously, making it easier to find one that works for you. Similarly, new courses launch monthly, so you never need to wait too long before getting started.

Can I enroll in a Virginia Beach Series 7 exam course right now?

Sure. Reach out to a friendly Educational Consultant using the information provided below to learn more about taking a Virginia Beach Series 7 exam class and to get the process started today. Varsity Tutors looks forward to working with you!

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