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Varsity Tutors can help if you are looking to enroll in a St. Louis Series 7 course. Aspiring financial securities professionals must pass this test to obtain their license to trade. If you've been studying investment and securities at schools like Washington University in St. Louis or Webster University, you must continue the hard work to prove you have what it takes to work as a U.S. stockbroker. Assuming you've passed the Securities Industry Essentials exam, you now need to showcase your understanding of packaged securities, investment risk, equity, debt instruments, retirement plans, and how to properly interact with clients on a day to day basis. Don't miss out on crucial opportunities to prepare for the exam. An online course reviews the concepts covered on the Series 7 and test-taking strategies that can help you reach for your goals.

What Does a St. Louis Series 7 Course Cover?

As an entry-level registered securities representative, you will specialize in the sales of corporate, municipal, investment company, and government securities as well as variable annuities, stock options, and direct participation programs. The virtual online course can cover any topic included on the multiple-choice Series 7 test. Over 225 minutes, you'll encounter 125 questions that assess a range of skills. Your instructor's task is to provide a comprehensive overview of what you have learned so far. Each instructor has been carefully interviewed and selected based on their knowledge and communication skills. So, if you're looking to be refreshed in seeking business for a broker-dealer, evaluating individual's financial profiles and investment objectives, and opening customer accounts, our course can help you.

The majority of your test score involves questions covering how to inform customers about their investment options. Making recommendations, transferring assets, and maintain records will be a fundamental part of your job. The Series 7 exam assesses your understanding and execution of these roles in addition to your duty to accurately process, complete, and confirm each customer transaction. The instructor can work with you and your peers to further understand regulations, customer disclosures, margin issues, mutual funds, and the rights of common stockholders in group sessions you can attend in our intuitive Live Learning Platform.

The virtual platform used to facilitate an online St. Louis Series 7 exam class features an online whiteboard and video chat. You, your instructor, and peers can interact in real-time. That means you can see, hear, and talk to one another as if everyone were in the same place. The set up is more convenient than having to commute to a physical location just to show up in class and get the test prep help you need. Pick a distraction-free environment to log in, wherever an Internet connection is available. Once you're signed in, your St. Louis Series 7 exam class instructor will lead discussions on key securities topics and how to assist customers with their transactions.

What Can a St. Louis SIE Series 7 Class Do to Get Me Ready?

St. Louis Series 7 exam course can help you by introducing you to the content and format of the exam. Your instructor can guide you in studying in a way that parallels how the test is structured. Practice tests are just one part of the preparation process. They can give you a view into the types of questions you'll see and how they are phrased. You can practice techniques such as finding key words in a sentence or eliminating obvious wrong answers to limit your choices. In addition to becoming more knowledgeable, the goal of test prep is to help you become more efficient at studying and test-taking.

In each session, you get immediate feedback and can ask questions at any time. You can help your peers by clarifying certain points for them that you understand well. If at any time you feel you're not getting something, raise the issue to your instructor. You can set aside one-on-one time to get extra coverage of the topic.

How Do I Enroll in a St. Louis Series 7 Exam Prep Course?

Get in touch with Varsity Tutors if you are ready to take advantage of a St. Louis Series 7 course. Choose from daytime, evening, or weekend courses. Also, courses start on a monthly basis with two- and four-week sections, so there is ample opportunity to find one that fits in your busy schedule. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable educational consultant. They will answer your questions and walk you through the process of signing up for a convenient Series 7 course that can meet your test prep needs.

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