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Varsity Tutors is the only name you need to know if you're looking for Pittsburgh Spanish lessons. Spanish is the second-most spoken language in both the world (to Mandarin Chinese) and the U.S. (to English), meaning that learning it is far more practical than other academic endeavors. Spanish has also spread well beyond its native Spain, as it is also the official language of nations such as Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala (among many others).

There are so many reasons why you might want to start studying Spanish it's hard to count them all. Perhaps you're attending high school at an area school like Allderdice High School or Brashear High School and could use some help with the basics. Maybe you're a little bit more advanced and need some help with a Spanish course at the University of Pittsburgh. Spanish is often considered the easiest of the Romance languages for an English speaker to learn, so you could study it as a gateway to other languages like Italian and Romanian. Career-focused individuals might think that being bilingual would look good on their resume, and scholars might learn a new language to analyze Spanish texts in their original form. There's really no bad reason to learn a new language as long as you're committed to the endeavor.

That said, learning a new language can be hard. Both English and Spanish share Latin as a common source, so many grammar points and sentence structures will immediately feel familiar to you. Unfortunately, these points of similarity can make it harder to keep the differences straight. For example, verbs are conjugated very differently in each language, and adjectives take different forms based on the noun they are modifying. Keep reading to learn more about how we can make the process a little easier.

What skills can I work on during Pittsburgh Spanish lessons?

One of the best things you can do when studying a new language is also the simplest: practice. Working with a Pittsburgh Spanish tutor means that you have regular access to a practice partner who can not only speak Spanish to you but also provide digestible feedback to help you understand what you are doing well and where you could improve. In contrast, listening to Spanish media can help you hear a variety of Spanish accents and dialects, but doesn't provide any constructive criticism on your own speaking skills. You're also stuck listening to the same things over and over again while working with a live instructor is more dynamic.

A knowledgeable Spanish instructor can also help you improve your written Spanish. Many students don't think of using outlines to make writing in Spanish more approachable, but it works just as well as preparing to compose in your native tongue. Your instructor can also evaluate your work on a regular basis so that you always know how you are progressing.

You might also want some of the minute details of Spanish grammar with your instructor. Spanish nouns are assigned a gender, generally based on the last letter in the word (but not always). Adjectives need to agree with the gender of the nouns they modify, so missing the gender of one word can easily throw multiple other ones off. Your instructor can provide a list of rules for determining what gender a noun is and their common exceptions to help you keep everything straight.

If your Spanish studies also include culture or history, these topics may be best thought of as a social studies class with connections to a language. Rote memorization and analytical thinking are the key skills in any social studies course, and your instructor can help you learn them. For example, you might go over a helpful mnemonic device to remember all of the Spanish monarchs who have played a significant role in European affairs.

How does Varsity Tutors structure each of the Pittsburgh Spanish lessons services they offer?

We offer two principal services: online Spanish courses and either remote or in-person tutoring. Should you choose to take an online Spanish course, you'll study in a structured classroom environment with other students and a knowledgeable teacher who has been thoroughly vetted by Varsity Tutors. Our digital platform facilitates real-time communication, so asking for help is as easy as raising your hand.

You can also see and hear your classmates as if they were in the same physical classroom, allowing you to work together toward your goals. Listening to them speak Spanish can give you experience with more dialects and accents than any individual instructor could. You may also complete group assignments to consider new perspectives on how to approach Spanish that you never could have come up with on your own. Attending a class with several classmates also allows you to split the cost, making formal instruction more affordable than you might think. If you feel like you need personalized help to understand a confusing concept, you can also arrange private study time with your teacher on an as-needed basis.

Of course, working with a Pittsburgh Spanish tutor is the best way to receive individualized instruction. Your instructor can design sessions around your learning style to enhance your study efficiency. Since Pittsburgh Spanish tutors have no set curricula to follow, you are also free to learn at your own pace and keep sessions interesting but not overbearing.

We also try to make all of our services as convenient as possible. We launch new online courses every month, so you never need to wait too long to get started. Similarly, two and four-week courses are available to help you find a fit for your schedule. If you would prefer to work with a private instructor, our signature Live Learning Platform allows you to receive face-to-face instruction anywhere with a stable internet connection. If you would prefer to meet up in person, we can find you a local tutor who can meet you anywhere you would like. Formal Spanish lessons have never been easier.

Can I enroll in Pittsburgh Spanish lessons right now?

Sure. Educational consultants are currently standing by to answer any questions you have regarding our Pittsburgh Spanish lessons. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get the process started!

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