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If you'd like help learning German, Varsity Tutors offers Phoenix German courses for all types of students at any level. If you need to supplement your Trevor Brown or Desert Vista High School German class, need extra time practicing the language for your Arizona State University class, or if you're learning German on your own for any reason, we can help. The classes meet live online, and there are new classes starting each month. There are also multiple sections running so you can find one that fits into your busy schedule.

German is the native language of more than 90 million speakers. It is the official language of German and Austria, as well as being one of the three official languages of Switzerland. English actually belongs to the West Germanic group of languages, so German is naturally a popular choice for a second language among students in the U.S.

What is covered in a Phoenix German course?

Your German course can cover speaking, listening to, reading, and writing German. Likely, the first things you'll cover are similar to most language classes: essential beginning vocabulary and the most common phrases. Before you learn all the grammar rules of German, you'll want to start using it in a real way with other students at the same level as you are. Studies show this is the best way to truly learn a language.

While you're learning to speak with topics like greeting people, giving directions, or other basic daily activities, you can begin learning the grammar. Unlike English, German nouns each have an assigned gender: masculine, feminine, or neuter. They can be singular or plural, and there are four cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. All of these affect how the rest of the words in a given sentence are used, so it's important to learn these details.

Verb conjugation, the bane of many a language learner, is also important to learn in German. Not only do you learn the normal tenses, but there are three verb conjugation classes: weak, strong, or mixed. In addition to the vagaries of noun and verb types, your Phoenix German class can take time working on sentence structure and pronunciation. You may even learn about the history of the Germanic language and the cultures it spread through to land where it's most used now.

What are the advantages of taking a Phoenix German class over studying on my own?

Because language exists to communicate with other people, studying through a Phoenix German class with an expert leader and classmates you can interact with during your lessons makes more sense than studying on your own. That way, you have more opportunity to work on things like pronunciation and conversational use of the language. No technology can replace human interaction when it comes to learning a language. It stands to reason, then, that you're better off studying with other people.

Studies have shown that collaborative language lessons lead to a better understanding and retention of language skills. The same is true of using the language with another person as much as possible. Your German study course can provide these things, whereas studying quietly alone in a library or at your desk at home cannot. Don't deny yourself the valuable chance, at an affordable cost, to study German under the best conditions possible. Whether you need to know German for academic, business, or personal reasons, you can get the help you need in a quality Phoenix German course.

An advantage of the German classes provided by Varsity Tutors is that if you need to review some concept or practice some part of the language that the rest of the class has already moved on from, you can sign up to spend one-on-one study time with your instructor focusing on what you need to catch up on. By having this option as a backup to your normal German study course, you have comprehensive coverage of your language learning needs, and can meet any challenge you face.

How can I get started with a Phoenix German course?

Varsity Tutors is all about making things convenient for you. As stated above, there are classes always starting, so when you decide to enroll, you never have to wait long for your class to begin. Simply contact Varsity Tutors, talk with our educational consultants, and answer a few questions regarding your current German level, your goals, and your schedule. They can then enroll you in a Phoenix German course that begins soon and matches your academic and scheduling needs.

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