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Varsity Tutors can set you up with Atlanta Latin lessons whether you are a student at North Atlanta High School interested in the language, working towards a law or science degree at Georgia State University, or pursuing the language at another institution. Latin is no longer a widely spoken language outside Vatican City or the Roman Catholic Church, where it remains the official tongue. Yet, there is still an interest in learning this ancient language. In fact, it retains many similarities to English because many familiar words have Latin origins; some words are the same in both languages or at least look very similar. But learning any new language comes with challenges that aren't easily addressed in a traditional classroom. Varsity Tutors provides alternative options that include online instruction and help from a private tutor or personal mentor.

Latin originated in a region of central Italy known as Latium. The precursor of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian, it was spoken in the Roman Empire where it divided into the more formal, Greek-influenced Classical Latin and the more popular spoken form known as Vulgar Latin. Modern Romance Languages are descended from Vulgar Latin. Vernacular languages had taken the place of Classical Latin by the 19th century. However, the Roman alphabet is used in many modern languages, including English. The alphabet hasn't changed much since classical times, although the Latin alphabet had just 23 letters instead of 26, lacking J, V, and W.

Learning Latin can help you learn other Romance languages. The language is often used in legal, scientific, medical, theological, and other professions. If you're in Westlake High School and curious about learning to read Latin poetry and prose, learning Latin can start with studying words that are identical to their English counterparts (adulescens=adolescent, affirm=I desire, etc.). At Varsity Tutors, there are two options to pick from - online courses and the chance to work one-on-one with an Atlanta Latin tutor. You can participate in or the other or enroll in both simultaneously to obtain the unique benefits of each.

What Might an Instructor Cover During Atlanta Latin Lessons?

Pronouncing Latin words takes practice and patience. An instructor might start with Latin vocabulary that is similar to words you know, and then move on to pronunciation, which can help you learn words more quickly and focus on understanding how to read fluently. The classification of nouns is an important aspect of the language, as nouns are classified by gender. They may be masculine, feminine, or neuter. For example, the word for man is "vir" and word for woman is "femina", but the neuter gender includes words such as "templum" for temple and "nomen" for name. Gender is important in choosing adjectives that agree with nouns in gender and number (singular or plural), as well as endings chosen for verbs.

Inflections, or the endings of words, denote how words relate to one another. While English limits the use of inflections to a strict system of word order, Latin puts more focus on the endings of words to reveal the meaning of a sentence. Exposure to its system of word endings is important and something you can gain from Atlanta Latin lessons led by experienced instructors. Whether you prefer a more structured classroom-like approach or a one-on-one method of instruction, you can receive Latin practice that can help you build a better understanding of the language. The more you practice how to use words correctly, the more confidence you may gain in acquiring the skills you need to use and pronounce Latin words the way they were intended.

How Do the Different Types of Atlanta Latin Lessons Work?

Learning Latin can seem fascinating and intimidating at the same time. It can help you understand other languages better, but since it is no longer widely spoken, you may be discouraged from spending a whole lot of time on it. But with Latin lessons, this isn't a problem. Online Latin classes take place in a virtual classroom. This means you can log in from anywhere and take part in discussions with your instructor and peers, participate in the lesson, and work with your classmates in completing intuitive assignments and projects. You get to learn via a collaborative approach and can choose from classes that start each month at various times so you can schedule lessons around your academic, extracurricular, work, and family commitments. There is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Qualified, independent Atlanta Latin tutors can help you learn via one-on-one sessions, which can be personalized based on your interests, goals, and learning requirements. Your mentor can support in-class learning with additional time discussing topics you need to learn or integrating customized learning materials based on your learning style. With online tutoring, you don't even have to travel and can connect with your instructor wherever you are comfortable learning. A Live Learning Platform enables you to interact with them via video chat and a virtual whiteboard. On the other hand, in-person lessons can be arranged as well if you'd prefer to study at home or at the local library. Personalized lessons enable you to learn at your pace and improve your motivation and confidence in learning. Plus, you have a conversation partner to work with in building your Latin language skills.

How Do I Find Atlanta Latin Lessons That Fit in My Schedule?

Whether you opt for a course or to work with an Atlanta Latin tutor, Varsity Tutors can set you up with what works best for you. Learning a new language comes with numerous challenges. If you want to overcome your trepidations, become a more valuable job candidate, or expand your personal knowledge, Latin lessons can help you learn a new skill that can boost your opportunities and confidence. Reach out to Varsity Tutors, and an educational consultant will help connect you with the type of instruction you prefer. Whether you're starting out at North Atlanta High School or supplementing your graduate studies at Georgia State University, give us a call now to get started right away.

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