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Varsity Tutors can help those studying for the GRE by providing connections to Milwaukee GRE prep options. There are many people who want to expand their education by attending graduate school, and many of them will be required to take the GRE if they want to go on to attend graduate programs at colleges like the Marquette University Graduate School and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The GRE, which is short for the Graduate Record Examinations, is a standardized test that graduate programs use to determine one's acumen for graduate-level coursework. Though some colleges don't require the exam, it's recommended that you take it because it can set you apart from the other applicants, especially if you get a high score. An educational consultant at Varsity Tutors can link you up with personal instruction or a prep class. We can connect you with a Milwaukee GRE tutor who knows the ins and outs of test preparation. Or, if you prefer working in a small group, then a Milwaukee GRE prep class may be more to your liking.

What can Milwaukee GRE preparation help me review?

The GRE test covers Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. This exam is available at thousands of test centers worldwide. There are computer-delivered and paper-delivered tests, though paper tests are rare. You can take the computer-delivered test year-round. One unique fact about the GRE is that it's the only graduate-level entrance exam that allows you to skip questions and go back to change answers. In other words, the exam gives you control over which questions you want to deal with in the order you wish. The time limit for the GRE is three hours and 45 minutes. Below, you can read more about what each section entails.

There are 40 questions in the Verbal Reasoning section. This portion of the exam assesses your ability to summarize text, figure out the author's intent, analyze and draw conclusions, and use other verbal reasoning skills. Part of the section requires you to read passages and provide answers to questions, and on another portion of it, you'll need to interpret and complete sentences, paragraphs, and groups of sentences. You have an hour to finish the questions, and you'll get a score between 130 and 170.

Forty questions also make up the Quantitative Reasoning section. This portion measures your skills in using mathematical models, solving math problems, and interpreting and analyzing quantitative information. Its questions relate to algebra, graphs, tables, and other mathematics components. There will be an on-screen calculator you can use to help you answer the questions. The time limit for this section is 70 minutes, and you'll receive a score between 130 and 170.

There are two writing tasks in the Analytical Writing section. The first task presents an issue about a topic and asks you to express your thoughts. The second task presents an argument, and it requires you to clearly analyze and evaluate it. Here, you're tested on your critical thinking skills and ability to adhere to the standard use of English. You have 60 minutes to complete both tasks, and you'll receive a score between 0 and 6.

The Quantitative or Verbal reasoning section may contain an unscored, non-identified Experimental section. The purpose of this section is to try out questions for possible use on future exams. There's also a Research section that comes close to the end of the test, and it may take the place of the Experimental section. It's marked, and it's voluntary.

How do Milwaukee GRE prep options benefit me?

Varsity Tutors can set you up with private tutoring or prep courses. Both of them are beneficial in their own ways, and you're free to participate in both, if you like. Learn more about how GRE tutoring and classes can help you by reading on.

With a tutor, you receive undivided attention to your academic needs, which is something difficult to do in a classroom setting since a professor is attempting to help everyone at the same time in the best way they can. Private instructors can conduct a lesson at any pace that makes you comfortable. For example, if a concept confuses you, a private instructor can slow things down to try to help you better understand it. Perhaps you want to build better study habits because you've found yourself unmotivated lately. An educator can suggest you create a to-do list or take organized notes to try to instill responsible habits. You can also ask for guidance on the admissions process. If you're not sure what type of graduate school you want to attend, an academic mentor could help you weigh the pros and cons of each.

If you enjoy group projects and after-school study sessions with friends, then you may want to sign up for a Milwaukee GRE prep course. This program takes place in a virtual environment, allowing you to speak with other students and the teacher. You and your fellow students can collaborate to review parts of the GRE test. If you want to go over certain parts of the Quantitative Reasoning section, the instructor can direct practice on cover charts, math, and other number-related components. You might also sharpen your writing and logic skills with sample prompts to prepare for the Analytical Writing section. If you or one of your classmates get test anxiety, the class could talk about ways to stay cool during the exam.

How do I get started with Milwaukee GRE prep options?

Signing up for GRE prep is simple. Just pick up the phone or send a note through our online contact form, and an educational consultant will get back to you as soon as possible. We can connect you with a tutor rapidly, and new class sections begin on a weekly basis. This lets you get started on your lessons anytime while still making time for outside obligations. For more information about how Milwaukee GRE prep options can help you with reaching for your goals, please contact Varsity Tutors today.

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