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If you're an undergraduate or a working professional considering graduate school, Varsity Tutors can get you connected to reliable Minneapolis GRE prep to help ensure you are prepared for test day. The test is a necessary hurdle that you must clear on your path to admission for most graduate programs, with some programs also requiring you to take an additional subject-based portion of the exam. If you are applying to master's degree programs like those at Augsburg College or the College of St. Scholastica, a GRE score may not be required, but it will be taken into account on your application. Other schools, like the University of Minnesota Graduate School, require you to take the GRE. Regardless of each specific school's GRE requirements, it's important to prepare yourself to perform well on test day.

Enrolling in qualified Minneapolis GRE preparation is a fantastic way to add structure and guidance to your review. Depending on your needs, Varsity Tutors can get you connected with two different kinds of test prep. If you are looking for a more personalized learning experience, working with a Minneapolis GRE tutor affords you customized private instruction. You and your instructor can work to develop a study plan that directly addresses your various areas of opportunity, revising and adjusting your plan as your skills improve and your needs change. If you prefer the benefits of group learning, enrolling in a Minneapolis GRE prep course allows you to participate in a virtual classroom with other eager peers. These classes are led by an expert instructor and allow you to attend live learning sessions anywhere the internet is available to you.

What can Minneapolis GRE prep help me review?

The GRE is a comprehensive exam with three major sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The material covered by the GRE is wide-ranging, meaning that it is important to approach the exam with well-developed subject knowledge and refined test-taking skills. In addition, knowing how to answer different types of questions can help you work more efficiently during the duration of the exam. You may also encounter unscored exam sections in the GRE: an Experimental section and a Research section. The Experimental section, if present, will be embedded within the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning sections. The Research section, if present, will appear at the end of the test and is optional. These sections are used to try out questions for future iterations of the GRE. Now, let's break down the required sections of the test to give you a better idea of the topics you will face.

The Analytical Writing section has two different sections, one of which asks you to analyze an issue, with the other asking you to analyze an argument. You will be allotted 30 minutes per task. This section of the GRE assesses your ability to articulate complex concepts effectively and concisely, defend ideas with examples and reasons, examine claims using accompanying evidence, and maintain a focused discussion. To perform these tasks, it's important to have advanced comprehension skills and a good command of written English.

The Verbal Reasoning section asks you to read passages and then demonstrate your understanding and evaluation skills by answering questions that refer to the given text. It is important to work on strengthening your understanding of context for this section as you will be asked to finish incomplete passages by selecting the best answer from a list of options. This means that reading comprehension skills are crucial for this section. Succeeding in this section can show graduate schools that you have the skills needed to read and analyze complex texts.

In the Quantitative Reasoning section, you will encounter questions that assess your basic math skills, understanding of math concepts, and your ability to use logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to solve problems using quantitative methods. You will have to draw on your knowledge of algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis to solve quantitative comparison, multiple-choice, and numeric entry questions.

How can Minneapolis GRE prep help me prepare for the exam?

The two major categories when it comes to Minneapolis GRE preparation are prep courses and private tutoring, and Varsity Tutors can get you connected with either - or both. Each type of test prep offers unique benefits and can cater to the different needs and learning styles of students. Here we will look at the different benefits that each type of test prep can provide.

At this stage in your academic career, you are probably quite familiar with the benefits of classroom learning. Collaborating with peers in a Minneapolis GRE prep class is a great way to workshop ideas, share perspectives, and learn new test-taking strategies. Each course is led by a qualified instructor who can help break down the different sections of the GRE to help you more easily navigate the exam come test day. Attending an online class also means that you will have access to top-notch test prep resources in an online learning environment, eliminating the need to spend hours browsing the internet for review materials that you can trust. With new two- and four-week sessions beginning weekly, you can jump in whenever your schedule allows.

If you prefer the personalized, intimate nature of private instruction, working with a Minneapolis GRE tutor might better suit your needs. Your tutor can meet with you either online or in-person, providing greater flexibility to account for the variety of obstacles life might throw your way. Working one-on-one with an instructor gives them ample opportunity to learn your strengths, goals, and areas of opportunity, allowing them to adapt to your learning style and craft a study plan that suits you.

How do I begin my Minneapolis GRE preparation?

Varsity Tutors would be happy to help you figure out which type of GRE review works best for you. Whether you are seeking customized one-on-one instruction or prefer the collaborative nature of classroom learning, Varsity Tutors can get you started in Minneapolis GRE prep that will suit your academic needs. What are you waiting for? Contact one of our educational consultants today to get started.

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