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Educators use Measures of Academic Progress (also known as MAP) assessments to determine each student's performance baseline and can use this computer adaptive test throughout the year, or over a number of years to track a student's academic growth in grades K-12. Parents who are concerned about their student's education level and how they might perform on these tests may want to engage a tutor for MAP prep courses with the help of Varsity Tutors.

These K-12 interim assessments give educators opportunities to tailor their curriculum in specific areas where they see their students struggling. MAP gives teachers tools to create teaching plans and differentiate instruction when they need to. There are three MAP interim assessments: Growth, Reading Fluency (for pupils in K-3), and Skills. The Growth interim assessments may be given three times in a year's time, while Skills can be given as many times as an educator feels they are necessary.

There are MAP exams for mathematics, reading, and language usage. Enrolling your student in MAP classes with a tutor can help to solidify concepts in all of these areas. MAP prep classes can be customized to focus on specific concepts that your student seems to be struggling with. As a tutor gets to know your student, they will be able to develop a plan for reviewing and studying that targets your student's weaknesses and helps to maintain their strengths.

Although the scoring range is between 140 and 300, MAP scoring is not like other tests that students take throughout the academic year - the results are meant to tell educators where students are academically. The computer adaptive test format means that no students take the same test, because the computer delivers questions that are different, based on what the test taker's most recent response to a question was. The table below explains MAP scoring in more detail.

Explaining MAP Scoring

Score Indications It is not evaluative but tells us where a child is at a given point in time.
Test Uniqueness The test is uniquely created for each student based on how he or she responds to a question.
Question Origin All questions come from a huge bank of questions each corresponding in difficulty to a particular score.
Top Scores Although it is possible to score as high as 265 or more on the reading test and 285 or more on the math test, 240 (reading) and 250 (math) are typical top scores.
Average Scores Scores range from about 140 to 300.

Depending on a pupil's academic year, they may or may not see specific subjects on their MAP exams. Tutors can design a MAP course for your student's specific capabilities and what they're expected to know. They get to know a student's personality and the ways that the specific student learns best, and what techniques might not work for them. This means that they can create study aids and use techniques that your student has shown will work for them, and that are appropriate for a pupil's age and grade level. This may mean vocabulary quizzes, practice exams, visual aids, or other methods.

The table below outlines the specific academic areas and grade levels, as well as the number of questions a student may answer. A MAP course often includes instruction on these topics, as well as study tips.

MAP Tests Breakdowns

Subject (Grade Level) Approx. Number of Questions
Language (2-12) 50 to 53
Math (2-5), Math (6+) 50 to 53
Algebra, Geometry, Integrated Math (9+) 40 to 43
Spanish Math (2-5), Spanish Math (6+) 52 to 55
Reading (2-5), Reading (6+) 40 to 43
Science (or "General Science") 45
Science for use with Next Generation Science Standards 45

A MAP class with a private tutor can help your student to concentrate their efforts on areas that they don't quite grasp as well as you might like. A MAP prep class can happen anywhere, thanks to Varsity Tutors' Live Learning Platform. This platform uses the internet to connect a student and their tutor, which provides even more flexibility. This can be important when a student has a particularly crazy schedule and multiple obligations that change over time.

Reach out to Varsity Tutors to schedule a consultation and get matched up with a tutor for a MAP prep course today. We look forward to helping your student to strive for their academic goals.

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