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If you feel that you could benefit from taking a Series 82 course, Varsity Tutors offers private Series 82 classes that are among the best in the industry. Series 82 is the Private Securities Offerings Representative Exam, an test used by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) to assess whether entry-level private securities offerings representatives have the skills and knowledge required to perform their professional duties. Some of the subjects covered include primary offerings, sales solicitations, and due diligence. If your test prep needs a boost, enroll in a Series 82 class today and let the experts help you improve your study skills!

Many Series 82 prep courses begin by helping students get a sense for what exam day may be like. Series 82 is a computer-based test administered at testing labs located throughout the country. If you aren't comfortable taking assessments on a computer, you might want to take practice exams during your Series 82 prep class to develop a familiarity with the test's electronic interface. The chart below provides more information about the structure of the exam:

Series 82 Exam Format

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score Corequisite
Multiple-Choice 50 90 Minutes 70% SIE Exam

Remember that this is a FINRA test, meaning that some of the questions may be misleadingly worded. You might want to take practice tests during your Series 82 prep course so your instructor can point out any misleading questions so you know what to watch out for on exam day.

Once you are comfortable with the test's structure, you might want to go over specific concepts during your Series 82 course. The list below highlights some of the topics you may wish to review:

Series 82 Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Common Stock
  • Preferred Stock
  • Rights and Warrants
  • American Depositary Receipts
  • International Securities
  • Features of Bonds
  • Types of Bonds
  • Asset-Backed Securities
  • Investment Companies and their general characteristics
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Money Market Fund
  • Issuing Corporate Securities
  • Investigation of financing proposals
  • Exempted Transactions
  • General Regulation of Brokers and Dealers

That's a fairly long list, but a private Series 82 class can help you go over it at your own pace. If you understand investment companies but not exempted transactions, you can focus on exempted transactions to improve your study efficiency. Unlike competing products, there are no arbitrary time limitations or established curricula associated with private tutoring, ensuring that your needs take priority while you work.

Working with a private instructor also provides the benefits of a one-on-one learning environment. Any questions you have may be answered promptly, allowing you to clear up any misunderstandings before they snowball out of control. Your instructor may also be able to design your Series 82 courses around your needs. For example, a visual learner might benefit from studying a chart listing all of the regulations that apply to brokers and dealers, while an auditory learner might get more out of talking about them instead.

Your instructor may also be able to take the time to really get to know you, allowing them to incorporate your outside interests into your Series 82 prep classes to make them more engaging.

Varsity Tutors does everything in our power to make standardized test prep as convenient as it can be. All classes take place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, providing students with all of the advantages of face-to-face tutelage without the drawbacks of having to physically meet up. We also try our best to refer every customer to a knowledgeable instructor who can work around your schedule.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking a Varsity Tutors Series 82 prep course, contact an Educational Consultant today for more info. We look forward to working with you!

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