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Many mistake English as a formally Anglo-American tradition with no accommodation or room for diversity, especially in regards to its students who come from a spectrum of socially and economically varied demographic backgrounds, with English often as a second language.

Nothing could be further from the truth! As a global language, English consistently transforms day to day through the diversity of mouths that speak and write it to communicate to one another across millions of miles and megabytes at every minute. That said, this heightens the urgency for students to be able to comfortably and efficiently operate through the mechanics of English as successful contenders in academics and the work force.

My commitment to literacy, literature, reading comprehension, rhetoric, and composition comes from the belief that power is embedded in how others represent us and how we represent ourselves. The ability to read between the lines and express ourselves the way we want to be understood in the world is the surest guarantee to both personal and professional success, whether it be in formal academic writing and journalism or through the scores in standardized test-taking, college entrance essays or personal statements—these often being the only opportunities to demonstrate who we are.

Trust is the basis of my tutoring and teaching philosophy. Every student deserves to know that their tutor is out for their best interests, part of which includes the understanding that not every student learns the same way. I like to draw out the student’s own natural ability and personal strengths for an easy-going and positive experience without ever worrying about being condescended or a lack of chemistry!

As a grad student in American-English Literature and English content editor, I’ve worked with a variety of professionals and writers, but it’s been more enjoyable and fulfilling when working for literacy advancement and phonics with elementary- and middle-schoolers, whose natural cleverness and ability to learn quickly will always surprise you! I also have the most fun working on grammar, writing, and reading comprehension with high school students—but the most fun with high-schoolers has been in writing school essays, personal statements, and college entrance essays, which are more often than not a creative and fun experience hidden beneath the stress of the writing process!

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of San Francisco - BA, English

Graduate Degree:

 CSU Los Angeles - MA, English / Critical Theory

Animé, manga, gym, running, sport swimming, roadtrips, traveling, fiction writing, politics, current events, volunteering/non-profit

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Comparative Literature

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