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As you prepare for the ACT, you should consider contacting Varsity Tutors for assistance with setting you up with a Las Vegas ACT prep course. By preparing for the test with an ACT instructor and other students who are preparing for the same exam, you can get a more thorough understanding of the test material as well as what is to be expected on test day. As you embark on your educational journey into college like the students at Advanced Technologies Academy may be, Varsity Tutors can help you reach for your educational goals.

Additional assistance in preparing for the ACT is available through a Las Vegas ACT course. Some students choose to combine personal instruction with online classes in order to maximize their preparatory resources and assist in their ACT preparation experience. However you choose to plan your preparation, a Las Vegas ACT prep course can help you head in the right direction to ease the stresses of testing and gain a more thorough knowledge of the material presented on the ACT.

What materials are reviewed if I take a Las Vegas ACT prep course?

The materials that are covered in classes touch on all of the materials that are tested on the ACT. The test is separated into five different sections: Science, Reading, Math, English, and Writing. The Writing section of the exam is optional and not required. The total test time for the required sections is just slightly under three hours, without counting the breaks that are given throughout the exam. You will need to work effectively and efficiently in order to have enough time for you to respond to all questions asked.

As you work through the Science section of the ACT, you will have to provide answers to multiple choice questions that are centered on science. You must rely on your knowledge of the scientific method and the designs and procedures of scientific investigation and evaluation. Within this section of the exam, you will be tested on biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth sciences. There are 40 questions for you to answer in 35 minutes.

The Reading portion of the ACT asks you to show your understanding of critical reading and comprehension. You will respond to multiple-choice and passage-based questions that may ask you to differentiate between fact and fiction, summarize ideas found within provided written texts, and showcase your ability to understand multiple types of relationships in writing. Keep in mind that your questions will be based on first-year college curricula. You will have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions.

The next section of the ACT we will discuss is Math. You will be allowed you to use tools that assist you in answering questions; however, each tool that you use has to be approved and in compliance with the ACT rules and regulations. This portion of the exam consists of multiple choice questions only and you will be given 60 minutes to answer 60 questions. You should practice your time management skills before taking the test because you will need to provide a response to each question for the opportunity to render the best score possible. Some of the subjects that are included within the math portion of the exam are algebra, pre-algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

The final section that is a test requirement is English. This section will give you the chance to showcase your skills in writing production, topic development, and recognition of tone and style within written pieces of work. Your questions will be presented in passage-based and multiple choice format and you are given 45 minutes to answer 75 questions.

The Writing section of the ACT is a section that is not required. If you choose to take the writing portion of the exam, you are given an additional 40 minutes to respond to a single prompt in essay format. You will have to show your skills in connecting written work by choosing one of three responses that are provided, then relating the chosen response to your written response. You will have to rely heavily on your drafting and thought organization skills.

How can enrolling in a Las Vegas ACT course benefit me?

Once you enroll in a Las Vegas ACT course, you will have access to the Live Learning Platform. This is a tool that provides you with direct communication to your fellow classmates and your instructor. If you are struggling with understanding certain review material, you have the ability to interact directly with your instructor for one-on-one assistance. You can also communicate with your classmates to receive additional tips and strategies that may assist you as you take the ACT.

Another benefit of taking a Las Vegas ACT class is the ease of accessibility. Since the class is offered online, you can participate in learning sessions, class work, and group discussions from virtually anywhere. You may have after-school activities that require you to be away from home, for example, but if you take a Las Vegas ACT class, you can omit the stress of having to be at a particular location to receive assistance in your ACT preparation.

Varsity Tutors can connect you with Las Vegas ACT courses that begin every week. You can choose the 2-week or 4-week option depending on your schedule. Also, not all of the courses are held during the week. If you prefer to complete your preparatory course on weekends, Varsity Tutors offers classes that will work for you. There are different class times and schedule options that are available that can easily fit into your active lifestyle.

How can I gather more information about Las Vegas ACT classes?

Give one of the Varsity Tutors educational consultants a call and they can assist you in finding a Las Vegas ACT class that will work for you. The staff is trained to offer you the best options that cater to your educational needs. They are always available to help you reach your educational goals. Please do not hesitate when it comes to preparing for your ACT. Let the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors work with you so you can be thoroughly prepared and perform at your peak potential on test day.

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