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Have you ever heard of a Raleigh-Durham ACT prep course that Varsity Tutors can connect you with? High school students, like the ones at J.D. Clement Early College High School, who want to attend college are aware that they are likely required to take a college admission exam. The ACT is one of the two nationally recognized admission tests that students choose to take as they begin the admission process to colleges and universities throughout the nation. Your scores on the ACT are used by admission committees to determine your acceptance into their institution. You should view the ACT as a top priority in continuing your education.

As a high school student, you want to perform at your peak performance level when you take the ACT. Because the exam holds a high priority as you begin your college career, you want to be confident that you have fully prepared yourself for the exam. Varsity Tutors can connect you with an online preparatory Raleigh-Durham ACT course that can possibly assist you to achieve your educational goals. Students like those attending Raleigh Charter High School and other schools like it have the opportunity to receive a deeper review of ACT testing material and knowledge of what is to be expected on test day through a Raleigh-Durham ACT course.

What is reviewed in a Raleigh-Durham ACT class?

The instructors are trained to teach in an online learning environment. The instructors, as well as students, will communicate using the Live Learning Platform which allows for real-time interaction between the students and class instructors. As you begin your classes, the instructor may review material that is commonly tested in each subject category as well as assist you in understanding question types and appropriate responses.

The ACT is broken down into five different sections. Each section of the exam has a specific response type that you are required to use. Some of the questions on the exam are multiple choice, passage-based questions. If you choose to complete the optional writing portion of the ACT, you will be asked to respond in essay format. Along with different response and question types, you will also have a specific amount of time to complete each section. Not all time allotments and the number of questions on the ACT are the same so you must rely on your time management skills to make sure you finish the test and respond to each question efficiently. The five sections on the ACT focus on Math, English, Reading, Science, and Writing, which is optional.

Beginning with Math, you will be asked to respond to math-related questions in a multiple choice format. A Raleigh-Durham ACT class may give you detailed information regarding what calculators and supplies have been approved for you to use as you complete the math portion of the test. General concepts that you will be tested on include, but are not limited to, number systems, functions, data collections, and mathematical analysis that incorporate graphs, charts, and tables.

The English portion of the exam lasts 45 minutes and you will have to answer 75 questions pertaining to the subject of English. Within this section, you will encounter passage-based, multiple choice questions in which you will have to show your understanding of the conceptions of English, including cohesiveness of written texts, style and the use of tone in writing.

Once you begin the Reading portion of the exam, you will also encounter the multiple choice, passage-based question style. The time allotment for you to complete the reading section of the ACT is 35 minutes and you are expected to answer 40 questions which are constructed from first-year college curricula. Some of the main concepts you will be tested on are your ability to make strong connections between multiple texts, your ability to determine phrase and word meanings, and your knowledge of central themes. Your critical reading skills will be a huge help in scoring high on the Reading section of the ACT.

The last section that you are required to complete is Science. This section is presented in multiple-choice format and you will be tested on your current knowledge of biology, physics, earth sciences, and chemistry. You will be given 35 minutes to answer 40 questions. Concepts you should consider reviewing are the scientific method and the designs of experimentation and scientific investigation.

As mentioned before, an optional Writing section is available for you to include in your test. If you choose to take this part of the ACT, you will be given an additional 40 minutes to respond to one essay question. You must respond to a prompt that is given to you. From the prompt, you will choose one of three responses and make a correlation between the response you write and the given response you have selected.

Is taking a Raleigh-Durham ACT class beneficial to me?

A Raleigh-Durham ACT class can provide benefits beyond your ACT test-taking experience. The instructors work with you to explore different elements within your educational voyage. You will learn about different tips and test-taking strategies as well as learn from others in your class. The Live Learning Platform allows you to communicate with fellow classmates who can share techniques and subject information they have learned throughout their learning experience.

Another benefit of taking a Raleigh-Durham ACT class is accessibility. Because the classes are online only, you are able to participate in any location that offers internet access. You do not have to travel to a campus or meeting place to take the class.

How can I get in touch with a Raleigh-Durham ACT course representative?

You can contact one of Varsity Tutors' educational counselors for more information about a Raleigh-Durham ACT course. The experts can assist you in finding a class that fits into your busy schedule. There are new courses that begin every week and can last 2 or 4 weeks, depending on what you prefer. Please do not wait until the last minute to prepare for your ACT exam. Give Varsity Tutors a call and begin planning your educational future today.

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