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If you've invested your time and energy into your college studies, graduate school may be on the horizon. Don't study for the Graduate Record Examinations alone. Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Jacksonville GRE prep course to help you prepare. The GRE challenges your knowledge of English language conventions, mathematical skills, and writing ability. If you apply to graduate programs at, for example, Jacksonville University or the University of North Florida, your scores are one factor that admissions departments may consider.

Varsity Tutors offers access to comprehensive courses that provide content reviews, study help, and an overview of a challenging standardized test administered throughout the world. Students in over 160 countries take the GRE. A Jacksonville GRE course can prepare you for this 3-hour, 45-minute exam, and help you work on improving academically and in terms of confidence. Each course is led by a qualified instructor who facilitates collaboration between you and your peers online, via an intuitive live learning platform.

What Does a Jacksonville GRE Class Cover?

The GRE consists of three standard sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The Analytical Writing segment is a two-part section that is 60 minutes long. First, you must analyze an issue, then the test requires you to analyze an argument. Each task is 30 minutes, during which you must assess what it asks you to do, plan a response, and write your analysis. Since your response will be evaluated in detail, it's best to leave to time to check for errors and clarity and make sure you are articulate, provide relevant supporting examples and reasoning, and showcase your command of written English.

In the Verbal Reasoning section, there are three types of questions. The first is reading comprehension questions in which you provide answers related to passages. These may be one or several paragraphs long. Approximately 10 passages are included on the GRE. The exam has test completion questions as well, where you choose the best answer for blank sections of short passages, while sentence equivalence questions use the same principle, except you must pick a choice that best fits the incomplete sentence. Many different skills are tested here. Your understanding of words and sentences, ability to summarize passages, analyze a text, and reach conclusions with partial information is crucial, as is your ability to reason about a whole from parts of a text.

The GRE also tests your math skills in the Quantitative Reasoning section. Everything from arithmetic and algebra to geometry and data analysis is covered in assessing your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning abilities. Some questions are multiple choice, while others are numeric entry types and quantitative comparisons.

A unique feature of the GRE is the inclusion of an Experimental or Research section. These are both unscored. If your exam has an Experimental section to test out potential future questions, it will be embedded in the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning sections. It is not identified so you won't know which questions are experimental. A Research section is sometimes used instead, but is identified at the end of the test and is optional. The GRE has several components that require the appropriate test-taking skills to perform your best, which is where a Jacksonville GRE course can help you reach for important goals in.

How Does a Jacksonville GRE Class Help Me Prepare for the Exam?

Every class is led by a dedicated instructor who has been interviewed to ensure they are knowledgeable about the GRE and able to collaborate with students remotely. An online collaborative environment brings your study efforts front-and-center and involves groups of your peers. Therefore, you don't have to study alone and potentially miss out on key subject reviews and learning opportunities. There may be subjects you haven't covered in a while or skills gaps you're not aware of. An online classroom gives you comprehensive coverage of what's on the test so you can be prepared.

Your instructor can also discuss the GRE itself. One of the great things about a Jacksonville GRE course is you can work on practice exams and questions. Even work with other participants to help one another understand things like advanced algebra for the Quantitative Reasoning section or the language and structure of passages in the Verbal Reasoning section. The more practice you receive, the better your pacing might be, with no surprises as to the type of reasoning skills demanded on the exam.

The scheduling is flexible as well. Classes begin concurrently on a weekly basis, and you can choose from two- and four-week courses that fit within your schedule. Varsity Tutors has made the process extremely convenient so you can get the help you need. If you're not learning as fast as your online classmates or are stuck on a tricky concept, request a one-on-one session with your instructor. They'll be glad to provide you with extra help in understanding whatever subject you need to know.

How Do I Get Started with a Jacksonville GRE Course?

As you move towards graduation, time is of the essence, so you don't want to take it for granted. You've invested too much in your education to not get a proper review. Test prep is part of the academic process and there are educators who are experienced in helping students improve their study and test-taking skills. These foundational skills are just as important as the subjects you learn in school. Whether you need to work on pacing or improve on eliminating wrong answers to find the correct ones, a GRE course can aid you in reaching for these and many other goals.

You can get set up with a Jacksonville GRE class by contacting Varsity Tutors. Educational consultants are ready to take your questions and assist you in signing up for the next available class. There's no need to spend time searching endlessly online for the best options. All the help you need is provided by dedicated experts who are passionate about being a part of your path to success.

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