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If you're a physics student who is considering a graduate degree in physics, you've probably heard of the GRE exam in physics. The GRE Subject Test in Physics is a comprehensive exam that is designed to show how well a student understands and applies the principles of physics. The exam includes 100 multiple choice questions with five choices per question. If studying for the exam on your own seems overwhelming, or you just want have help while you review and brush up on your knowledge of the subject, connecting with a tutor for a GRE subject test in physics course through Varsity Tutors is a great idea.

The GRE physics test covers eight specific areas of physics, as well as specialized topics. GRE Subject Test in Physics prep courses can help you to determine where your knowledge is the strongest and aims to help you understand more of what is unfamiliar. With GRE Subject Test in Physics prep courses from Varsity Tutors, you can feel more confident when you finish the GRE Subject Test in Physics class and know that you did your best to prepare for the exam. From Classical Mechanics to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Atomic Physics, Special Relativity, and Laboratory Methods, all of these categories, among others, are a part of the exam, although they're not worth the same amount of points. The breakdown is listed below.

GRE Subject Test in Physics Breakdown Percentage of Exam
Classical Mechanics 20
Electromagnetism 18
Optics and Wave Phenomena 9
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 10
Quantum Mechanics 12
Atomic Physics 10
Special Relativity 6
Laboratory Methods 6
Specialized Topics 9

In addition to the categories in the GRE Physics Test, the questions may delve deeper into specific topics. This is another example of where a GRE Subject Test in Physics prep course can help to increase your understanding and confidence. A tutor will keep track of what you do know and are comfortable with, and they can help you to work more on topics that you're not so confident with, in an aim to help you reach your goal score on this test. Your tutor may design your GRE Subject Test in Physics prep classes to include demonstrations of the various topics that encompass physics. This is may make the GRE Subject Test in Physics prep class more engaging, the topics easier to grasp and remember, and it allows you to see the principles of physics in action.

When you take a GRE Subject Test in Physics class with a tutor, you have some control over how you learn and what topics you cover. Your tutor will design a specific program that aims to present the information the way you learn best: maybe through lecture for auditory learners, maybe with flashcards and charts for those who are visual learners, and a mix for those who can benefit from both styles. This isn't always possible in a traditional GRE Subject Test in Physics prep course. Your program may also include practice questions, which are a good way to see how you might perform on test day. The topics you might see in your test, and could cover in your sessions, are outlined below.

GRE Subject Test in Physics Topics (non-comprehensive)

  • Newton's laws
  • Dynamics of systems of particles
  • Maxwell's equations and their applications
  • Magnetic fields in free space
  • The laws of thermodynamics
  • Angular momentum
  • Properties of electrons
  • Atoms in electric and magnetic fields
  • Four-vectors and Lorentz transformation
  • Interaction of charged particles with matter
  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Fourier series
  • Multivariate calculus

Working with a tutor in a GRE Subject Test in Physics course through Varsity Tutors may look a little different than other organizations that offer GRE Subject Test in Physics prep classes. A tutor provides one-on-one support, and can help you to pinpoint what you're struggling to recall and why. A traditional GRE Subject Test in Physics prep course may be designed for group learning, but that's not how we do it. Your tutors want you to feel confident and really understand the topics, and that's why there's no time limit to a GRE subject test in physics prep course with a tutor through Varsity Tutors.

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