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Look no further than Varsity Tutors if you're seeking a quality ACCUPLACER course to get help studying for the tests. This is an important set of assessments because your high school counselor or advisor will use the results to guide their suggestions about what type of higher education you should pursue once you graduate high school. With the help you receive in your one-on-one ACCUPLACER classes, you can feel confident that you'll be prepared to accurately demonstrate your full abilities on each test.

During your ACCUPLACER prep courses, your private instructor can help you focus on the content you'll face during the assessments. Each ACCUPLACER class can be completely customized based on your current needs, and your tutor can make changes at any time. You don't need to sit through lessons on any skills that you've already mastered. At the same time, you can spend as much time as you need during your ACCUPLACER prep classes to focus on the concepts and abilities that are the most challenging for you.

Your ACCUPLACER prep course tutor can take a detailed assessment of your starting point abilities early on, and continue to track your progress closely and in real time. This allows them to adjust each future ACCUPLACER class dynamically based on your growth and improvement. Your instructor can help you study for each of the assessments, which are described in the table below:

ACCUPLACER Assessments Focus
Placement Assessments Identify if a student is ready for college in a certain subject, their proper course level, and if they need transitional coursework before starting college
Diagnostic Assessments Analyze a student's strengths and weaknesses in a subject, provide the opportunity for intervention to address areas of need.
Writing Assessments Assess writing and English skills.
ESL Assessments Assess English language skills for English language learners.
Computer Skills Assessment Assess computer skills to place a student in the proper computer course or allow them to bypass a computer skills requirement.

When you invest your study time in private ACCUPLACER courses, you and your instructor can drill down into specific details you'll need to know in each subject area. Most students will find that there are subjects they're already quite comfortable with along with subjects that will require more study time in order for them to feel confident they've reached their full proficiency. The following list provides a comprehensive picture of what you'll need to know for the various assessments:

  • Arithmetic
    • Operations with whole numbers and fractions
    • Operations with decimals and percents
    • Applications and problem solving
  • College-Level Math
    • Algebraic operations
    • Solutions of equations and inequalities
    • Coordinate geometry
    • Applications and other algebra topics
    • Functions and trigonometry
  • Elementary Algebra
    • Operations with integers and rational numbers
    • Operations with algebraic expressions
    • Solutions of equations, inequalities, and word problems
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Skills
  • WritePlacer (essay)
    • Focus
    • Organization
    • Development and Support
    • Sentence Structure
  • ESL Language Use
  • ESL Listening
  • ESL Reading Skills
  • ESL Sentence Meaning

You can see how signing up for an ACCUPLACER course could improve your studies. For one thing, there's definitely plenty of content to keep track of. In addition to the content, your private instructor can provide test-taking strategies that can help you with the assessments. Because time is limited on each assessment, your tutor can help you work towards achieving the pace you need to answer questions at in order to complete all items in the allotted time. They may provide timed practice sections that duplicate the testing environment as much as possible so you can get a feel for what it will be like on test day.

Another thing your ACCUPLACER tutor can help you with is understanding the structure of the exams. The more familiar you are with exactly what you'll be facing, what you will need to accomplish in order to succeed, and even the way questions will be worded, the more confident you can feel as you enter the testing location.

To take the first step towards preparing for the ACCUPLACER assessments, contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more about the ACCUPLACER prep class and get started right away.

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