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First Almanac

The first annual almanac printed in early America was "The Astronomical Diary and Almanac." First published in 1725 in Boston by Nathanael Ames, it was the most famous of the early almanacs, along with "Poor Richard's Almanac" by Benjamin Franklin. Ames' almanac became the standard New England almanac for 50 years. It included tide charts, solar table calculations and eclipses, and changes of the moon. The almanac for the year 1742 appears below. During this year in early America's history: William Parks wrote the first American cookbook, Countess Benigna Von Zinzendorf established the first school for Protestant girls, the first German songbook was published by Christoph Sauer and Benjamin Franklin invented the first stove for heating.

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almanac for the year 1742

Almanac for the year 1742


Almanac for the year 1742