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If you're studying for the CFA, consider a Denver CFA prep course provided by Varsity Tutors. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, and you'll need to earn this credential if you want to work as a professional in the investment and financial spheres. Upon successfully passing the CFA exams, you'll be given the credential by the CFA Institute. Many of the biggest companies in the world employ CFA charter-holders for high-level positions. The CFA is not easy to acquire, and there are about 150,000 individuals who hold this certification.

The purpose of the CFA is to ensure you have the skills to manage portfolios and carry out advanced investment analysis in a professional environment. Exams are just one component of this assessment. You'll also need to have a bachelor's degree and four years of work experience in a career which involves investment decision-making. Perhaps you've already earned your bachelor's degree at Colorado State University or the University of Denver. Maybe you're coming from a professional background, and you're working on achieving those four years of work experience.

You can take the first of three CFA exams as long as you're in your final year of college, or you already have a bachelor's degree. You can also take this first exam if you have four years of related work experience. Finally, you can also get started with your first exam if you have a mixture of both college and work experience, as long as it adds up to four years in total. Whoever you are, a prep course can help you approach the exams with confidence.

What Might I Learn With A Denver CFA Course?

One of the first things you might learn in your Denver CFA course is the overall structure of these examinations. There are three separate Levels of the CFA, and you have to take one after the other. If you pass one Level, you can advance onto the next. Scoring is simple: you either pass or you don't.

The first Level of the CFA exams is split into two three-hour sessions. Each session contains a total of 120 multiple choice questions. You'll face questions in the "fill in the missing word" format, and other, more broad multiple choice questions. The second Level of the CFA exams involves two sessions, with a total of 120 multiple choice questions overall. The third Level involves an essay section worth 180 points in a morning session, and an afternoon session filled with multiple choice questions.

There are many different concepts that you might encounter on your CFA. These include corporate finance, derivatives, economics, and much more. Your prep course can help you review these advanced topics in depth. Your instructor might also help you develop strategies that can make multiple choice sections easier to handle. For example, you might learn how long you should be spending on each question, according to the time limits. You might also learn how to skip questions that are taking too long and come back to them later.

How Does A Denver CFA Course Help Me Learn?

When you join a Denver CFA course, you'll enter into a highly collaborative learning environment filled with other like-minded students. As highly qualified instructors guide you through the important concepts, you'll have tons of opportunities to interact, ask questions, and voice your opinion. Your fellow students will do the same, and this can lead to lively class discussions where you'll exchange new ideas. Other students might ask insightful questions that you never considered or raise interesting points that put a new spin on class material. While class discussions are a great way to learn, your instructors are instrumental in explaining the material in a clear and concise manner. Instructors go through a lengthy vetting process to ensure they're all excellent communicators. And if you ever have any specific issues with the course, you can always contact your instructor on a one-on-one basis.

How Do I Sign Up For A Denver CFA Class

All classes are fully online, and you can access them from anywhere in the world. You can also choose from a wide range of different scheduling options which is ideal for working professionals or busy students. From night classes to weekend classes, there are many time slots available. You can even take classes during your lunch break. Both two-week and four-week classes are available, and new classes accept students on a monthly basis. It's never too late to get started, so choose a study method that can make a real difference. Invest in a Denver CFA class today, and contact Varsity Tutors for more information.

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