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If you're a student needing to take a college admission exam, Varsity Tutors can connect you with a Cincinnati SAT prep course. Even though college is a year or more away, the majority of high school juniors don't understand how to approach the review for one of these exams. One of the two widely accepted college admission exams is the SAT. Many of the students in Cincinnati, like those who attend Walnut Hills High School or Saint Ursula Academy, will decide to take the SAT.

The SAT is a comprehensive test consisting of four sections. You can find extra help before the exam whether you are just getting started or you are in the middle of your college preparation. Varsity Tutors is ready to help you find a Cincinnati SAT course that fits into your schedule. This course will give you an insight into the exam such as the structure and content. Your score is one of the factors a college looks at when deciding to accept you as a student, so it is in your best interest that you do well.

What does a Cincinnati SAT class cover?

The SAT is a three-hour long test and has three sections: Reading, Math, and Writing and Language. You also have the option of doing the Essay section, which adds another hour to the exam time. You must be at the testing site by 8 a.m. before the doors close. Testing begins between 8:30 and 9 a.m. You will get one ten-minute break and one five-minute break during the exam. Your score is based on the number of correct answers, and you can guess on an answer without a penalty. Let's look at all four sections of the exam so you have a better understanding.

The Reading section is combined with the Writing and Language section to give you a composite score for half of the SAT. This part measures how well you can find evidence from the reading passages to support your answers, how well you can draw inferences and conclusions, and how well you can use context clues. You will have several passages to read from various subjects areas, including one from a social science like sociology or psychology, one or two from important United States documents, two or three from science like biology or chemistry, and one from either world or U.S literature. You will have 52 multiple-choice questions to answer in 65 minutes.

Then you will have the Math section. This part measures how well you can analyze a real-life problem and produce a solution, how well you can solve problems based on finding shortcuts and reorganizing the information, and how well you can understand various math concepts and operations. The Math section is broken down into two parts. You may use a calculator for one part. You will have 55 minutes to answer 30 multiple-choice questions and 8 grid-ins. You will need to understand the structure of expressions, look at data to solve problems, and solve linear equations. You may not use a calculator for the other part of this section. You will have 25 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-ins. This part of the test lasts for a total of 80 minutes with a total of 58 questions.

The next part of the SAT is the Writing and Language section. This part assesses your expression of ideas, standard English conventions, analysis in science and history/social studies, words in context, and command of evidence. It measures how well you can improve your word choice, tone, syntax, and style and how well you can change words, punctuation, and sentences. It also measures how well you can read a passage and answer the questions about it, how well you can use supporting details, and how well you can make structural changes and word choice to a passage. You will read a few passages, which include tables, graphs, and charts, but you are not required to use math for this part. You will have 35 minutes to answer 44 multiple-choice questions.

The optional part of the SAT is the Essay section. After reading a passage, you will assess the author's argument. You will then write an essay citing facts and examples to support your answer and basing it on the evidence found in the passage. You will have 50 minutes to answer one question.

How will a Cincinnati SAT course help me prepare?

SAT courses take place during an interactive and collaborative online platform. We know as a high school student how busy your schedule is so we have courses that begin weekly. You can choose to take either a two-week session or a four-week session. Once we figure out the right fit for your course, you will start right away. Each course is provided in an online virtual classroom, which is convenient for a busy student like you. All you have to do is be ready at your favorite study area and not worry about commuting.

Once you sign up for the Cincinnati SAT course, you will connect with other high school students as well as your private instructor. You will be able to work on reviewing techniques for difficult math problems or ask questions on how to write a better outline quickly for the Essay section. When you ask questions, you are not only helping yourself, but you are helping other students review for the exam, too. If you are still having difficulty with a particular kind of math problem or some other learning obstacle, you can ask for a one-on-one session with a private instructor and get the help you need.

How do I find a Cincinnati SAT class?

Varsity Tutors is waiting to help you sign up for a Cincinnati SAT course to get you ready for the exam. We know how important it is to do well on this test for your college admission hopes. Contact our educational consultants today so we can provide you with more information about getting started.

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