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Students who have been looking for SAT prep should be pleased to know that Varsity Tutors can find a Pittsburgh SAT class dedicated to making sure you're well-prepared for the exam. Students understand how important the SAT can be in the college admissions process, which is why receiving extra help can make a difference. A Pittsburgh SAT class can provide students with a structured review that is often difficult to replicate when studying alone.

There are many reasons why taking a Pittsburgh SAT prep course is an excellent way to ensure that a student is ready for the challenges of the exam. Taught online in a virtual classroom, you and your classmates will be instructed by a teacher who is qualified in SAT prep. Varsity Tutors will be happy to match you with a Pittsburgh SAT course that will focus on the subjects that you will need to understand to work toward a high score on the test.

How well a student performs on the SAT can make a difference when it comes to admission into their preferred college or university. Perhaps the student attends Shady Side Academy or North Allegheny High School. Regardless of the school attended, a Pittsburgh SAT class can provide an extra edge over other applicants to undergraduate programs. The SAT consists of four sections, including the optional Essay section. Doing well on the exam can really make students stand out to the admissions boards that make the decisions regarding whether or not to accept a student into their program.

What will be covered during the Pittsburgh SAT course?

Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and the optional SAT Essay are the four sections that comprise the SAT. All questions are multiple choice, except for the optional essay. The three required sections take a total of 3 hours to finish, and the optional essay gives you an additional 50 minutes to complete. A Pittsburgh SAT course can focus on the array of skills you will need to demonstrate to achieve impressive results on the exam. Here is a deeper look at the layout and the types of questions you will encounter in each section of the exam.

The SAT Reading section will challenge your reading comprehension skills by presenting you with written passages and asking you questions about them. You have 65 minutes to answer 52 multiple choice questions. The passages include historical documents, literature, a social science piece, and science passages that might explore subjects such as physics or biology. You will be challenged to draw your own conclusions based on your understanding of the passages.

The SAT Math section includes 58 multiple choice questions that you must answer within the 80-minute time period. This section consists of two parts. The calculator part asks you to answer 38 questions in 55 minutes, and the non-calculator section has 20 questions that you are given 25 minutes to answer. Algebra and data analysis are two subjects you will encounter here. You will have to apply your knowledge of math concepts to correctly answer the questions in this section.

The Writing and Language section presents you with 31 multiple choice questions that you must answer within 62 minutes. You will be given written passages similar to the ones you will find in the reading section. In addition to writing, you will also have to use your skills to analyze tables and other data to accurately answer questions. Some of the questions will also test your ability to identify and correct poor grammar and syntax.

The optional SAT Essay gives you 50 minutes to answer one essay question. Once again, you will have to evaluate a written passage. Your essay will be an analysis of the author's writing, including the techniques used by the writer to make their argument. You will be required to cite the written passage at least once in your essay. This section will test your skills in reading comprehension, composition, analysis, and organizing your thoughts into a clear and concise essay.

How can a Pittsburgh SAT course help me prepare for the exam?

These SAT courses are taught online, making access to learning easier than ever. Varsity Tutors takes into account students' busy schedules by offering many convenient options. New Pittsburgh SAT courses start every week, allowing students to begin their courses whenever it suits them. Additionally, there is an option of two or four week sessions. Varsity Tutors smooths the process of finding SAT prep help, so it's easy for you to get set up with a course quickly. Furthermore, since the course is taught online, you can conduct your sessions in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else that works for you.

The Pittsburgh SAT class is conducted in a virtual classroom in a collaborative format. The instructor will make sure to review everything of importance and go over the format of the exam. Your instructor might give you exercises to help you improve your test-taking skills, giving you a better chance of completing the exam in the allotted time. Students who are struggling with a specific subject can request a private session in which the instructor can address any concerns and give you extra time to focus on the area of need. The course might include practice questions or practice sections to make you feel more comfortable about the format of the exam and boost your confidence level as the SAT approaches.

How can I find a Pittsburgh SAT prep course?

Varsity Tutors works hard to connect students to a Pittsburgh SAT course that can give them a chance to perform their best on the SAT. The many classes offered make it simple to find the time within your busy calendar for your sessions. Courses are available during the week or on the weekends. If you're interested in finding SAT prep, contact Varsity Tutors today to find out more information, and we'll set you up with a Pittsburgh SAT course that can help give you the opportunity to approach the SAT with confidence.

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