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If you're scheduled to take the SAT, Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Charlotte SAT course led by a qualified instructor. Each online course enables you to interact with your instructor and peers who are as focused as you are in studying for the exam. From reviews of academic subjects to help with studying and learning test-taking strategies, every SAT course we can set you up with is designed to help you improve your areas of opportunity and reach for your test score goals.

The SAT is an assessment of the skills you should have learned by this point in your education. When you submit a college application, admissions offices may look at your SAT scores in each section of the test to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and whether you're a good fit for their institution. The exam can last as long as 3 hours, 50 minutes, if you include the optional SAT Essay. With only two breaks (one 10-minute and one 5-minute break), you will have to stay focused on your performance.

What Does a Charlotte SAT Class Cover to Help Me Prepare?

The content of each Charlotte SAT class is chosen based on how the exam is structured. The SAT is composed of 3 required sections: Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. The SAT Essay section is optional. Required sections are scored based on the number of correct answers, so you can guess on a question but not be penalized for getting it wrong.

The SAT Math section is split into two parts. One permits the use of a calculator and one doesn't. The calculator section is 55 minutes long and consists of 30 multiple-choice questions plus 8 grid-in questions; the no-calculator portion is 25 minutes and includes 15 multiple-choice and 5 grid-in questions. At 80 minutes total, this part of the SAT covers algebra, problem-solving, data analysis, and your ability to analyze, manipulate, and rewrite mathematical expressions.

There are 52 questions in the SAT Reading section. Over 65 minutes, you will read various passages from literary works, United States founding documents and those inspired by them, a social science passage, and passages on concepts and developments in the sciences. The questions will require you to find evidence that supports an answer or provides the basis for a conclusion and to understand how an author uses evidence to build their arguments. You'll also have to understand words in the context in which they are used, finding clues to identify meaning and how word choices affect meaning as well as tone and style.

The SAT Writing and Language Test, scored together with the SAT Reading Test, includes 44 questions to answer in 35 minutes. Multiple-choice questions are derived from written passages that include text, tables, graphs, and charts. You don't need prior knowledge of topics to answer the questions. However, you do need to show command of evidence and identify words in context. Questions covering history/social studies and science require you to make editorial decisions in your answers to improve the passages. Word selection, sentence structure, and understanding a passage's organization are just some skills you'll need to demonstrate. And don't forget your standard English conventions; grammar, punctuation, verb tense, and comma use are a few important aspects of your English language skills which will be tested on the SAT.

The optional SAT Essay provides you with an opportunity to showcase your reading, analytical, and writing skills over 50 minutes. Your response is based on a single passage. Whether you agree with the author's point of view isn't important. The goal is to identify the central ideas and supporting details; examine the author's use of evidence, reasoning, and persuasion; and write an organized, precise essay with varied sentence structure, appropriate style and tone, and proper use of English.

How Can a Charlotte SAT Course Benefit Me in My Preparation for the Exam?

Varsity Tutors can set you up with an online course that's been developed in accordance with the fundamental content and structure of the SAT. It can, therefore, provide a first-hand look at what to expect, from the types of subject matter to the format and layout of the test. Each course is led by a qualified instructor. You can see, hear, and interact with them, even though they are not in the room with you. Participating online is convenient. You can log in from anywhere and collaborate with your peers in reviewing academic subjects, taking practice exams, and learning invaluable study and test-taking skills.

Examples of how a Charlotte SAT course can help you prepare include working through practice passages and figuring out how to answer them. All of the subjects that will be covered on the exam can be reviewed, such as a review of algebra and problem-solving to make sure your fundamental math skills are intact so you're prepared to answer a variety of mathematical problems.

Flexibility is another important aspect of a Charlotte SAT class. Your schedule at Ardrey Kell High School may be hectic, or you might only be able to set aside time during lunch at Marvin Ridge High School. You can choose a class that meets at the most convenient time for your schedule. Classes also start on a weekly basis, so you can get started right away. You will also choose from 2- or 4-week programs that provide the review you need when you need it.

However, if you come across any issues and need extra help, instructors can work with you individually. One-on-one time can be scheduled at your request. That way, you don't miss out on any opportunities, and you can receive the level of assistance you need.

How Do I Find a Charlotte SAT Prep Course?

Varsity Tutors has made it easy to be set up with a Charlotte SAT course. We know there are many demands on your time, and the investment in your academic career must be strong in order to reach for your goals. An educational consultant can answer all your questions and help sign you up for the next available course. Contact us today to get started!

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