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Studying for your SAT can be a bit daunting, but Varsity Tutors can help you find a Columbus SAT prep course that might make things a lot easier. All across America, students in grade 11 and grade 12 are getting ready to take the SAT. Along with the ACT, it's one of the few standardized tests that remains exactly the same across all states and all schools, no matter what. This standardized structure helps evaluators figure out how you perform in an academic environment, regardless of your school's difficulty level compared to other high schools across the country.

And who might be evaluating your SAT test scores? We're sure many of you already know the answer, but we'll hammer the point home once again: Colleges and universities take your SAT scores into account when processing your application. So whether you're applying from Dublin Jerome High School or The Wellington School, it definitely makes sense to try your very hardest when taking the SAT. An SAT prep course might help to give you a solid chance of reaching your full potential.

Once you understand how the SAT works, approaching it in a strategic way becomes a lot easier. This test comprises four sections, including one optional Essay component. The other three sections are Writing and Language, Math, and Reading. If you choose to skip the Essay component, you'll have three hours to complete the entire test. If you write the Essay, you'll have an additional 50 minutes to complete the SAT. You might be interested to know that there's no penalty for wrong answers on this test. You'll also benefit from two breaks, lasting 10 minutes and five minutes respectively. That should give you a general idea of what the SAT is all about, so let's talk about what a Columbus SAT course could teach you.

What Might You Learn From A Columbus SAT Course?

When you sign up for one of these courses, you'll be connected with an expert instructor who knows the SAT inside and out. This highly qualified instructor will help you understand the various components of the SAT in detail, and each session will tackle new subject matter. These courses are completely virtual, and you'll join an online classroom filled with other students just like you. It's a great way to learn, and you'll study for your SAT in a highly effective collaborative learning environment.

You'll also learn exactly what it takes to tackle the Reading section of the SAT. This section might seem easy, but there are a few tricky components that catch many students off guard. For example, you might be asked to analyze graphs, charts, and other similar graphics. It's not all about reading passages and answering questions. There are a total of 52 questions to answer in 65 minutes, so speed is definitely a factor. You'll be asked to analyze passages on a wide range of different subjects, including classic U.S. literature, the founding documents, psychology, and many others.

Math is the longest section of the SAT, at least when it comes to the time limit. You'll have a total of 80 minutes to answer 58 questions. There shouldn't be any surprises here, as all of the math concepts in the SAT are from lessons you should have already learned in high school. That being said, it helps to review everything that might be on the SAT, and a Columbus SAT course can definitely help with this. While there are plenty of multiple choice questions in this section, you'll also find "grid-in" questions that require a different approach. The entire math section is also split into two sections: one for questions that require a calculator, and another section for questions that do not. There are many concepts covered in the math section, including algebra and data analysis.

Next, you'll face the Writing And Language section of the SAT. In this section, you'll have 35 minutes to answer 44 multiple-choice questions, making this the shortest section in the SAT. Your score in this section is combined with your score in the Reading section for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score. Nevertheless, the questions in this section are markedly different compared to those in the Reading section. Many skills will be tested, included your command of evidence, understanding of context, text analysis, your ability to use conventions, and much more.

At this point, your test will be over, unless you choose to write an essay. A Columbus SAT course can help you prepare for this essay, giving you a greater understanding of what's expected. You'll be asked to analyze and assess an argument, and write out an essay explaining your assessment. There are a few important things to keep in mind here. Students are asked not to give their opinions about the argument, and they're instructed to only make assessments in their essay. It's also very important to plan out your points in advance before writing your actual essay.

How Does A Columbus SAT Class Help You Study?

The structure of an SAT prep class makes it very easy to absorb the necessary information and get all the help you need. A virtual classroom is very straightforward. You'll learn alongside other students who are also studying for the SAT. You can ask questions, interact, and collaboratively move your learning experience forward. Of course, you'll also have every opportunity to ask questions and interact with your instructor as you cover the various topics. And if you need a little extra help, it's easy to get one-on-one time with your instructor to ensure you're ready for your SAT.

How Do You Sign Up For A Columbus SAT Class?

Signing up for an SAT class is extremely straightforward. New sections start every week, and you have the option of choosing between a four-week class and a two-week class. You'll also enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to your class schedule. There's even an option to take sessions during lunchtime. If you want to give yourself an advantage when it comes to studying for your SAT, then contact Varsity Tutors today and find a Columbus SAT class near you.

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