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If you feel like your test prep could use a boost, Varsity Tutors offers two great Tampa ACT prep options to help you pursue your academic goals. First, we can set you up with a Tampa ACT prep course to help you study for your exam in a collaborative learning environment. Alternatively, we can connect you with a knowledgeable Tampa ACT tutor who can design study sessions around your unique needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

The ACT is one of the two major college admissions exams in the United States. Whether you attend Plant High School or Robinson High School, the exam is typically taken during your junior year so that there is time to take it again if you want to try and improve your score. It includes four mandatory multiple-choice sections (Math, Reading, English, Science) plus an optional Writing section. Each mandatory section is scored from 1-36, while your essay is scored on a scale from 2-12. In all, the ACT lasts two hours and 55 minutes while the ACT Plus Writing lasts three hours and 35 minutes.

What subjects can Tampa ACT prep help me study?

The beauty of formal ACT prep is the ability to review the concepts on the test section by section to help you feel prepared for whatever the exam throws at you. Here is a closer look at the material covered on each section:

1. Math

The Math section covers all of the quantitative topics a high school student would be expected to have studied through 11th grade: pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry. You are expected to know how to simplify and graph expressions, work with rudimentary statistics and probability problems, and demonstrate a basic understanding of numerical thinking. Approved calculators are allowed on the exam, and are absolutely necessary for concepts like trigonometry. You have 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple-choice questions on this section.

2. Reading

The Reading section consists of passage-based multiple-choice questions that measure how well a test-taker can identify central themes, understand relationships, compose a summary, connect different texts, and utilize context clues to define unfamiliar words and phrases. You are also tested on how well you understand the difference between a fact and an opinion. You have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions on this section.

3. English

The English section consists of questions concerning topic development, organization, cohesion, style, and tone. English language conventions such as grammar are also evaluated at a 12th-grade level. The questions are again passage-based, so reading comprehension skills are required as well. You have a total of 45 minutes to answer 75 questions on this section, so you need to move quickly.

4. Science

The Science section assesses a test-taker's interpretation, analysis, and problem-solving skills. Topics covered include everything you have studied in high school science classes, including earth sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics. You are also expected to have a solid understanding of the Scientific Method and how to interpret data. You have 35 minutes to answer 45 questions on this section.

5. Writing

If you choose to take the Writing section, you'll have 40 minutes to answer one essay prompt. Test-takers are provided with an issue and three different perspectives on it. You must write about your own perspective on the topic, incorporating at least one of the perspectives provided into your work. This section measures your communication, reading comprehension, and argumentation skills.

What are some of the benefits of the Tampa ACT preparation options available to me?

Varsity Tutors can provide your choice of a Tampa ACT prep class or one-on-one tutoring. If you choose a class, you'll study with a knowledgeable instructor and several other students preparing for the exam on our live virtual platform. We vet every teacher we work with, so you can count on a knowledgeable instructor who is great at communicating information. Better yet, our platform allows for real-time interaction with your instructor so that asking for help is just as easy as it would be in a physical classroom.

You might think that sharing your classroom would be a bad thing, but many students actually find it advantageous. First, you can all split the cost of your teacher to get tremendous value for your money. Second, you can all help each out as needed to foster a collaborative learning environment that may make it easier to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the topics on the test. For instance, you might swap active reading strategies to help you approach the Reading and English sections more efficiently. Alternatively, you can share your Writing section outline with the rest of the class to receive constructive criticism. If you ever get stuck, you can also arrange private study time with your teacher to get back up to speed.

If you opt for private instruction, your tutor can tailor sessions to your preferred learning style to help you make the most of your study time. You can learn at your own pace, as your instructor will only move on from a particular topic with your say-so. You can also concentrate on your unique areas of opportunity to improve your study efficiency. For example, there is no need to waste time studying for the exam's Writing section if you don't plan to take it.

We also make all of our products as convenient as we can. We offer two- and four-week class sessions to make it easier to find one for your schedule. We also start new classes every week, so it's always a great time to start preparing! Likewise, our Live Learning Platform facilitates digital tutoring sessions, allowing you to meet with your instructor anywhere with a stable internet connection! You can also meet with your private instructor on your schedule for maximal flexibility.

Can I sign up for Tampa ACT prep today?

Of course. Simply reach out to an educational consultant using the information on this page to learn more about all of the Tampa ACT prep options Varsity Tutors provides and get started today!

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