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If you are looking into comprehensive ACT English classes, Varsity Tutors offers several different ACT English courses that may help you improve your study skills. The ACT is a high-stakes exam that may be taken by high school juniors and seniors across the country to fulfill the standardized testing requirement on their undergraduate applications. It is divided into five distinct sections, each of which is designed to measure a test taker's skills in a different discipline. Students take the English section first, so it sets the tone for the entire exam. If you think an ACT English prep course could help you reach for your educational goals, reach out to us today to get the process started!

Why take the ACT?

The ACT is an important exam that may play a key role in your final college admission decisions. The purpose of this standardized test is to assess how prepared you are to continue on with your studies at the collegiate level. There are four required sections on the ACT, which cover English, Math, Reading, and Science. The exam also has an optional Writing response. The ACT's wide-ranging content means that you'll need to have a solid understanding of some of the most complicated things you studied in high school before you sit down to take your exam.

Does the ACT Have Any Signup Requirements?

There are few barriers to signing up to take the ACT. Although the vast majority of individuals who take the ACT are high school students, there is no age limitation for the exam. So, if you took some time off after high school and want to take the ACT after having already graduated, you're generally able to do so. However, it's important to note that some colleges only accept ACT scores that were earned while a student was in high school. If you find yourself in this situation, then you should check to see whether the college of your choice will accept your score before you start the in-depth test preparation process that is necessary when taking the ACT.

There are, however, a few test-day requirements that you should be aware of to avoid any delays in the processing of your score. First, you'll want to make sure that you bring your ticket with you to your testing center. If you don't bring your ticket with you, then you may not get your score as quickly as those who you're taking the ACT alongside. You'll also need to bring a valid photo ID, like one issued by a government agency or by your school. You won't be permitted to take the ACT without a valid photo ID so this is extremely important to remember. If you're unable to take your exam, then you'll have to wait longer to receive your score, and therefore, you'll also have to wait longer to submit your final application to the colleges you're interested in attending. You should also have a number 2 pencil, a watch to keep track of time, a permitted calculator for the Math section, and snacks to fuel yourself during your test breaks.

We Can Help You Prepare

Our ACT English prep courses come in two formats. You may choose to work with a knowledgeable instructor within a one-on-one learning environment, ensuring that any questions you have may be addressed in a timely manner. If you've ever spent time online searching for "ACT English tutoring near me", then you probably already know how effective the tutoring process can be.

When you sign up for "ACT English tutoring near me" with Varsity Tutors, then you'll be able to learn from an expert on this section of the ACT from an expert on it. Your instructor will be able to set you up with a customized lesson plan that is targeted with your growth in mind. You can save the hassle of having to go back over the material you already understand and instead focus on just the things that you still need to learn more about. This type of individualization in the learning process is hard to replicate through other academic settings.

Alternatively, you may enroll in an ACT English course consisting of a small handful of other students as well as your instructor. This fosters a collaborative learning environment, as you can help each other out, share test-taking strategies, and simply swap stories with students preparing for the same exam you are. Taking an ACT English class also gives you the chance to learn from an expert on this part of the ACT. You even will have the option of working with your ACT English course instructor in a one-on-one setting when you need additional help with a challenging topic. Taking an ACT English class is another solid way to pursue your test goals. When you sign up for ACT English classes with Varsity Tutors, you may enhance the quality of your overall test preparation process.

Breaking Down the ACT English Section

You will probably want to discuss the formatting of the exam regardless of the ACT English course that works best for you. The list below highlights some important facts:

ACT English Section Quick Facts

  • Section Time - 45 Minutes
  • # Questions - 75
  • Scoring Range: 1-36
  • English is the first ACT section that students face on exam day
  • Students are given 5 writing passages and need to answer questions about underlined sentences and about larger portions or the whole passage.

The 75 questions you'll answer on this part of the exam are often broken into two distinct categories. The first category contains a total of 40 questions and focuses on a test-taker's language usage and mechanics. For example, 7 to 11 questions in this category will focus on punctuation. Thus, you'll need to have a solid understanding of things like dashes, semicolons, commas, and apostrophes. Another 11 to 15 questions in this category will focus on grammar and usage. For these questions, it's important to understand subject-verb agreement, verb forms, adjectives and adverbs, as well as pronoun agreement, among other things. Finally, this category of questions also includes 15 to 19 questions on sentence structure. This will focus on things like subordinate and dependent clauses, sentence fragments, and shifts in verb tense or voice.

The remaining 35 questions on the ACT English section are based on rhetorical skills. For example, there are 11 to 15 questions on adding, revising, or deleting sentences. This group of questions also focuses on assessing how a sentence fits into a larger piece of writing. This category of questions also has another 7 to 11 questions on writing organization. Finally, the last 11 to 15 questions on this section of the ACT focus on writing style. These questions will assess your ability to clarify vague or awkward written material, eliminate ambiguity, and write with clarity and effectiveness, among other things.

There is clearly a lot to learn before you can feel confident sitting down to take this section of the ACT. This may have already led you to search online for things like "ACT English tutoring near me". Instead of continuing to look up "ACT English tutors near me", why not simply contact Varsity Tutors today and let us help you develop a better understanding of these English topics?

Answering 75 questions within a 45-minute time frame can prove challenging, so you might want to work on time management strategies during your ACT English class. Many students who are interested in ACT English classes also take practice exams to get a sense of what the time available feels like, allowing them to budget it accordingly. Your ACT English course might also go over the directions of every section so you don't need to waste any time reading them on exam day. Your ACT English courses can even help you with things like strategies for dealing with any test anxiety that you may experience while taking your exam. You can use the strategies you learn in your ACT English prep course to deal with test anxiety whenever you experience it in the future, as well. This is another reason why ACT English courses could be a great addition to your study plan.

If you're more interested in the fundamental skills assessed by the ACT English section than the time management aspect of it, you might go over practice questions instead of an entire exam. The test frequently puts test-takers in the position of editing existing work for grammatical accuracy or clarity. Consider the question below as an example:

ACT English Sample Question

  • The following statement is part of a full passage that is provided to the student:

    • Having tried and failed, my father was unable to make a gardener of me.
      • Which of the choices best emphasizes how much the father wanted his son to share his avid interest in gardening?
        • NO CHANGE
        • Because of my indifference to his hobby,
        • Contrary to this thinking,
        • Despite his repeated attempts,

The bold answer is correct because it most clearly conveys how much the narrator's father wanted his son to share his interests. A private ACT English class allows you to study any topic you may wish to for any length of time - flexibility that few competing products can match. Should you run out of practice problems, your ACT English prep course instructor can provide more.

Thankfully, you get this flexibility with our ACT English course option as well. As touched on briefly above, all students attending a course have the option of scheduling one-on-one time with their ACT English class instructor, allowing them to address their unique areas of opportunity in a private learning environment as needed. Some students also opt for both one-on-one tutoring and an ACT English prep class to get the best of all worlds! Whether your preference is to take small, group-based ACT English prep courses, or to sign up for one-on-one work with an ACT English prep class instructor, you can easily get started with the option of your choice with Varsity Tutors.

All of our ACT English prep classes include instruction in our online classroom, making you feel like your instructor is sitting right next to you even if they are actually hundreds of miles away. This gives you all of the benefits of traditional, classroom-based ACT English prep courses with the convenience of being able to study your ACT English prep class coursework in the comfort of your home. This truly makes ACT English prep classes a unique way to pursue your test goals.

Who Takes the ACT?

Over 1.6 million students take the ACT each year. Each of the exam's four required sections are scored on a 1 to 36 point scale. Then, those scores are combined into one overall score. The average combined score for ACT test-takers is generally around 20.8. However, you may need to score higher than that depending on how competitive the admissions process is at the school you're most interested in attending. For example, the average ACT score for students accepted at Yale University is usually between 32 and 35. This average score indicates that the ACT is an extremely important part of the admissions process at many of the nation's top universities. Taking an ACT English class could help you get more out of your study sessions as you prepare to take your upcoming test.

If you would like to discuss all of the options available to you, Educational Directors are standing by to help explain all of the ACT English prep classes and ACT English course options Varsity Tutors offers. Signing up for an ACT English class, whether it be in a group setting or tutoring work gives you the chance to get more out of your study sessions. Do you think that you would benefit from this style of test preparation assistance? If so, then consider reaching out to us today. We can quickly get you started with the studying supplement that is the best match for your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to help you pursue your ACT English goals!

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