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If your student is getting ready for a high school final exam, you can talk to Varsity Tutors about EOC prep courses. We can put you together with an individual EOC class instructor who can give one on one lessons in the subject your child is taking. EOC course instructors are knowledgeable in both subject matter and in test prep, so they can cover all of the bases with your student. Contact our Educational Directors now to get started, or keep on reading below to find out more about how EOC prep classes can give your student the support and guidance they need to walk into the test with confidence.

When you decide to get professional help via an EOC prep course, you get the undivided attention of an instructor who can cater lessons to your student's unique needs. Maybe they are taking a Biology exam and need to better understand mitosis and meiosis. Perhaps your student will be facing a final in their Literature and Composition course and need to better develop their response writing skills to support their arguments. Whatever the need, we can find an EOC prep class instructor with the proper skills to make sure your student is making progress in their understanding. If you aren't sure where your student should be focusing their studies for an upcoming end of Course (EOC) exam, an EOC course instructor can identify their strengths and areas of opportunity to customize a study plan that ensures your student is always going after their biggest learning gaps.

Knowing what's expected of your student on an EOC exam is important, and the instructor of your student's EOC classes can make sure they have the right goals in mind. Here's a breakdown of performance levels for select EOC exams in Louisiana:

EOC Scale Scores by Achievement Level (Non-Comprehensive)

Achievement Level EOC Scale Score Grade Scale Score Grade
Biology Excellent 740-800 93-100 A
Good 700-739 85-92 B
Fair 661-699 75-84 C
Needs Improvement 639-660 67-74 D
Needs Improvement 600-638 0-66 F
English 2 Excellent 741-800 93-100 A
Good 700-740 85-92 B
Fair 661-699 75-84 C
Needs Improvement 642-660 67-74 D
Needs Improvement 600-641 0-66 F
US History Excellent 748-800 93-100 A
Good 700-747 85-92 B
Fair 665-699 75-84 C
Needs Improvement 647-664 67-74 D
Needs Improvement 600-646 0-66 F

*Data is collected from a Louisiana EOC assessment report

Once your student knows how well they need to perform for their desired grade, their tutor can help them focus on the topics they need to know for test day. EOC courses can also provide students with valuable test-taking skills that they can use on the upcoming exam and any others in the future. Time management strategies, knowing how to organize an argument before writing it, and understanding how to isolate potential correct answers on tough multiple-choice questions are just a few of the ways a tutor can help a student become a better test taker. Building up these skills helps students work through test anxiety and can increase confidence.

Different states offer different EOC exams. The content and subject matter changes from state to state, but here's some of the assessments students could prepare for during an EOC course:

EOC Assessments

  • Geometry
  • Biology 1
  • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
  • Integrated Mathematics 1
  • Math 1 Emphasis on Algebra 1
  • United States History

EOC courses are also set up with convenience in mind. We'll work to set you up with an EOC class instructor who can meet with your student at a time that's convenient for you. Your student can also attend their EOC course online through the Live Learning Platform, so you won't have to take time out of your busy day to get them to a meeting spot. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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