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Teaching, by nature, is a controversial subject. The tools used to teach basic math, scientific theories, even the base curriculum, are consistently subject to change and criticism. What determines the mettle of a teacher is the patience required to help their students learn the tools they need to absorb new information and thrive. I was lucky enough to have teachers who understood the goals of teaching, such as teaching skills before facts, and presenting students with a variety of methods to succeed. Due to the hard work of my teachers and professors, I gained a Masters in History and graduated undergrad with two majors in three and a half years. I was on the dean’s list every quarter and then semester of college. It is now my turn to teach the next generation skills I have learned to succeed.

I specialize in writing and history at a college and high school level, but I am also very patient when it comes to basic math and science. Additionally, I have experience presenting research papers at national conferences, leading discussions on literature and history at a graduate level, and the dubious honor of writing a successful Master’s thesis. Part of my training is the ability to synthesis large amounts of information and package it into an easily understandable concept or theory, while drawing on multiple sources of information. This skill allows me to help students grasp the major themes and concepts in literature.

Finally, my own educational background makes me uniquely sympathetic to students struggling with subjects. Despite my numerous academic successes, I suffer from a minor learning disability. I was able to pass all manner of standardized tests, receive scholarships, and eventually attain a graduate degree, because I developed different coping mechanisms to learn new information and effectively complete assignments. I am able to present different ways of learning information to students who may be struggling; and tricks that will help them complete quality writing assignments or even just understand math.

Many students walk into tutoring with the belief they are stupid, and that simply is not true. We all think differently, and it is just a matter of finding a way to make information understandable.

Undergraduate Degree:

The Ohio State University - Bachelors, History and Russian Language

Graduate Degree:

The Ohio State University - Masters, History

GRE Verbal: 163

My interests include reading, painting, hiking, travel, and SCUBA diving.

College English

College Level American History

Comparative Literature

High School English

High School Level American History