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I graduated from New York University in 2008 - even though my degree was in Music Business, after taking some substitute teaching work I realized I enjoyed working with students. I began working full-time as an instructional aide with middle and high school students. I enrolled in Fitchburg State's Masters in Special Education program in 2010 with the goal of becoming a licensed special educator. Students seem to get the most when they ask me about maths and sciences, and now I have a bit of a reputation around my building for having strengths in those subjects.

In my mind, working with a student (especially in math) can be something like a game: there's a goal, there's someone to collaborate with, there are strategies to use, and if you let yourself you can have fun doing it. The mindset of curiosity and enthusiasm that comes from a game is powerful when used in a math or science setting. I also make a point of emphasizing thinking actively about different strategies when doing schoolwork, studying, reading, and test-taking. I believe the best student is someone who actively thinks about what they do and whether they can improve, and the best tutor is someone who coaches them to that ability.

When I'm not working, I enjoy gaming, making music, and reading.

Undergraduate Degree:

New York University - Bachelor in Arts, Music Business

Graduate Degree:

Fitchburg State University - Masters in Education, Special Education

SAT Composite: 1410

SAT Math: 740

GRE Quantitative: 790

GRE Verbal: 660

Music, gaming, reading

College Physics

Elementary School Math

High School Chemistry

High School Physics

Middle School Science

SAT Subject Tests Prep