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If you're planning on taking the United States Medical Licensing Exams, let Varsity Tutors help you prepare by setting you up with a Tulsa USMLE prep program that works best for you. Everyone in the United States looking to practice medicine is required to take the USMLE, a multiple-exam assessment that evaluates your ability to understand and apply the concepts covered in medical school. Because of the pressure associated with this assessment, the USMLE can be a source of stress and anxiety for many students. Even people who attended top institutions like Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences can struggle with the licensing exams, and can benefit from enrolling in a Tulsa USMLE prep course or working privately with a tutor.

What concepts will be covered during Tulsa USMLE prep?

There are two types of prep programs available, and choosing the right one depends on your goals and preferred learning styles. These programs are virtual test-prep classes or working privately with a Tulsa USMLE tutor. Regardless of which type of program you enroll in, you will have the opportunity to cover all of the concepts that you'll encounter on the actual exams. Due to the comprehensive nature of this assessment, the USMLE is administered over multiple days and the exams are broken up into three sections known as Steps. Let's look more closely at the structure of the exams.

The USMLE covers all of the concepts you were taught in medical school. Topics like the General Principles of Foundational Science, Blood and Lymphoreticular System, and Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue are just a few subjects that you'll encounter in the exam. For Step 1, you'll be evaluated on your ability to apply basic scientific principles.

Step 2 is a little more complicated. Here, you'll be given two different exams to complete. The first test is a multiple-choice test that evaluates your Clinical Knowledge. The second exam is more challenging, testing your Clinical Skills by requiring you to attend to 12 patient cases in a set amount of time. It's common for students to feel pressured to rush through the Clinical Skills portion of the exam because feel like they're racing against the clock. Participating in a study prep program is one way you can build your confidence and learn how to navigate through this portion the exam more effectively.

It's essential that you perform well on Steps 1 and 2. Because if you fail one of the Steps, you won't be permitted to take Step 3, the final portion of the USMLE. Step 3 is also broken up into two days and is a mixture of multiple-choice questions and computer-based simulations, all of which look at how well you can apply basic scientific principles and use your medical knowledge to solve problems. The aim of Step 3 is to see how well you can practice medicine in an unsupervised setting.

What are the benefits of the different types of Tulsa USMLE preparation?

If you're someone who enjoys learning through custom-tailored lessons, private instruction is your best bet. Studying with a personal tutor gives you the opportunity to focus on key weak points, and you can also breeze past concepts you already know. This means that you don't have to spend hours reviewing Social Science if you already understand it. Studying with a private tutor also gives you the ability to control the pace and direction of your lessons, so that you're always focusing on the things that are important to you.

A lot of students prefer to learn in a collaborative environment. If you're someone who enjoys a traditional-style classroom but would like to work with an instructor who has more time to explain difficult concepts in a way you understand, we can enroll you in a USMLE prep class. These classes are done online over our Live Learning Platform. There, you'll use video chat and virtual whiteboards to follow in-depth lectures taught by a professional instructor. Since you'll be learning with other students preparing for the same assessment, you also have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers, sharing valuable tips and helping each other overcome various challenges.

How can I get set up with Tulsa USMLE prep?

Looking for a study program that's engaging and proven effective? Contact Varsity Tutors today and ask for more information about the Tulsa USMLE prep programs. Our friendly educational consultants are happy to answer any questions you have, and they can even enroll you in the next round of virtual classes or help you find a tutor who's able to accommodate your busy schedule. Call today to get started!

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