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If you are looking for additional help while preparing to take the USMLE, Varsity Tutors can connect you with a private Cleveland USMLE tutor or an online course that can help you move forward on the path to licensure. The United States Medical Licensing Exam, or the USMLE, is a major hurdle to clear on your path to becoming a medical professional in the United States. Whether you are a student at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine or another area learning institution, you may be in the midst of Cleveland USMLE prep. With the help of Varsity Tutors, you can receive guidance to help you perform to the best of your abilities when you set down to take the exam.

What concepts will be covered during Cleveland USMLE prep?

The USMLE is comprised of three separate exams, also known as "Steps." Each Step is intended to test different levels of skills that are required to succeed in the medical field. Step 1 covers the core science concepts that are involved in the effective practice of medicine. Step 2 is designed to assess your clinical knowledge and skills. Lastly, Step 3 is intended to assess whether or not you have the necessary knowledge and understanding to practice medicine in an unsupervised environment.

While most students opt to take Step 1 first, you may start with Step 2 if you so desire. However, both of these Steps must be completed before taking Step 3. Additionally, the majority of students take Step 1 during their second year of medical school and then take Step 2 in their fourth year. Step 3 is usually taken during the first or second year of postgraduate training. It is important to note that most medical licensing authorities require completion of USMLE Steps 1, 2, and 3 within a seven-year period, which begins when you pass your Step 1. No matter which Step you are preparing for, we are able to set you up with the Cleveland USMLE prep you may need to feel a boost of confidence and knowledge as you study.

What are the benefits of the different types of Cleveland USMLE prep?

If you are looking to learn in a collaborative, online environment, then a Cleveland USMLE prep class might be the perfect option for you. Throughout each class, an expert instructor leads students through a comprehensive review of the content covered on the exam. The instructor may choose to lead spirited discussions on key topics like the behavioral system or the immune system, or they may break the class into small groups and assign in-class projects. Working in this type of collaborative environment is a great way to review and reinforce your knowledge of the material.

Busy schedule? Not a problem. We are able to set you up with courses during the day, evenings, or even on weekends. With new sections starting monthly, and the option to pick between a two-week or a four-week session, you should be able to find something that fits your unique schedule. On top of all this, each class is set in a totally virtual, online platform that eliminates the need to commute to and from class. You will be able to interact with your instructor and classmates as if they were right there in the room with you.

If you prefer private instruction, we can help you connect with an educated and excited tutor. Working with a private instructor will help to deepen your understanding of a topic or subject and related general knowledge through discussions and intensive work on a specific core concept. Learning in this type of one-on-one setting will also challenge curious learners who would like to move ahead of the rest of the class or examine a particular topic in more detail than classroom instruction provides. This is also a great way to discover and build up knowledge gaps so you have a strong foundation going into the USMLE.

How can I get set up with Cleveland USMLE preparation?

Whether you choose a group class or individual instruction, your prep will be led by an expert who is qualified in both the content and format of the USMLE. With flexible scheduling and online access to classes and tutoring, even those with the busiest of schedules can find the time for prep. If you are curious about how a Cleveland USMLE prep course or tutor can help you, contact Varsity Tutors today. Our educational consultants can answer questions and provide the information you need to help you make the decision that's best for you.

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