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Varsity Tutors can help you study for the United States Medical Licensing Exams more efficiently by setting you up with a Salt Lake City USMLE prep program that works for you. If you're an aspiring doctor who's getting ready to finish medical school, you'll need to pass the USMLE before you can practice medicine. The USMLE is a multiple-exam assessment that evaluates your knowledge of what you covered during medical school. Because of the comprehensive nature and importance of this assessment, it's common for a lot of students to become stressed on the days leading to their various licensing exams. That's why we recommend preparing with the help of a professional tutor or by enrolling in a Salt Lake City USMLE prep class. Even star students from top schools like the University of Utah School of Medicine can benefit from extra test prep assistance.

What concepts will be covered during Salt Lake City USMLE prep?

Enrolling in a USMLE prep program will give you access to all the content presented on the actual assessment. This means that you'll cover subject like Biostatics and Epidemiology, Social Sciences, and the Nervous System, as well as a number of other topics related to medicine and life sciences.

The USMLE assessment is broken into three sections called Steps, with each Step covering a different topic. The USMLE in its entirety looks at all the important concepts you've learned while in medical school, as well as how you can apply your knowledge practically in real-world situations. Step 1 is the first portion of the license exams. It's a multiple-choice test that evaluates your understanding of basic scientific principles and how they're incorporated into medical practices. Step 2 becomes a little more challenging. It's broken up into two sections, Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills, and the second section can be one of the most difficult parts of the licensing exam. For the Clinical Skills component, you'll be required to attend to the needs of 12 patients. You'll have 15 minutes to interact with each patient and an additional 10 minutes per-patient to record their medical information, so working fast and efficiently is important when taking this part of the exam. On top of that, you'll also be graded on your Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Integrated Clinical Encounter, and how proficient you are at spoken English.

The final part of the USMLE is Step 3. Before you can take this portion of the exam, you first pass Steps 1 and 2. Being able to apply what you've learned is important for Step 3, as this section of the assessment looks at your ability to practice medicine in an unsupervised setting. Performing well on this part of the USMLE requires you to be able to draw upon your existing medical knowledge to answer multiple-choice questions and solve problems within computer-based simulations.

What are the benefits of the different types of Salt Lake City USMLE prep?

There are two types of USMLE prep programs available: working with a private tutor or enrolling in a Salt Lake City USMLE prep course. If you enjoy learning in an interactive, collaborative environment, you might want to register for the course. Lessons are held online via our Live Learning Platform, where you use virtual whiteboards and video chat to follow in-depth lectures conducted by a professional instructor. Best of all, as you learn and review key concepts, you get the opportunity to work together with other classmates. This is great for solving problems in a group setting, as well as sharing tips for studying and taking the licensing exams.

Looking for something a bit more personalized? Private instruction gives you the chance to work one-on-one with a personal Salt Lake City USMLE tutor who can create a curriculum specifically for you. This enables you to study using engaging coursework that's been designed with your personality and preferred learning styles in mind. But that's not all. Private lessons are also great for focusing on key areas like subjects that you've been struggling with. Your private instructor can spend extra time helping you overcome your weaker points while skipping past concepts you've already mastered,

How can I get set up with Salt Lake City USMLE preparation?

Once you're ready to register for a USMLE prep program, getting started is as simple as contacting Varsity Tutors and asking for more information about the Sale Lake City USMLE prep options. A friendly educational consultant is happy to answer any questions you have, and they can register you for online lessons or help you find a private tutor that's compatible with your busy schedule.

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