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If you're in the process of becoming licensed to practice medicine in the United States, Varsity Tutors can set you up with Memphis USMLE preparation that can offer direction as you get ready for this extensive exam. Whether you're a medical school student at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine or another area school or are in your residency and close to receiving your full license, we can help you find USMLE prep that can suit your needs and current level of education. You'll be able to choose between a Memphis USMLE prep course or private instruction depending on your personal preferences and your schedule. No matter how you prefer to receive instruction, you'll be able to comprehensively review for the USMLE with the aid of a qualified, professional USMLE instructor.

What material will Memphis USMLE prep cover?

The USMLE is actually broken up into three separate tests, known as Steps. Most people take Step 1 and Step 2 during their time in medical school, and in the second and fourth years, respectively. Step 3 is most often taken in the first couple of years of your residency. Step 1 is a seven-hour test that will ask you to answer multiple choice questions on the underlying concepts that medical practice relies on. Step 2 is a two-part test taken over two days which will assess your ability to practice in a clinic. The first of these is a multiple choice section covering Clinical Knowledge. The second, Clinical Skills, will ask you to evaluate 12 patient cases. Step 3 is another two-day test, with day one again being a lengthy multiple choice test, and the second requiring you to both answer multiple choice questions and assess thirteen computer-based case simulations. You may be able to imagine how crucial test-taking skills can be when you're trying to pace yourself and keep a level head during an eight hour stretch of testing, and your instructor can help you build an understanding of the USMLE format so that you can feel confident on test day. Of course, studying subject material is the meat of test preparation. As the USMLE is intended to test your ability to practice medicine without supervision, the test covers a very wide range of medical knowledge. Your instructor can help you review topics from the USMLE Content Outline, which spans from broad subjects like General Principles of Foundational Science to bodily systems like the Respiratory System.

How will I access Memphis USMLE prep?

You have a few options when you're signing up for a Memphis USMLE prep class. You'll be able to choose between an online classroom and a private tutor who can meet you either online or in person. Each has its own advantages, and you'll be able to pick whichever suits your preferences. If you'd like, you can even sign up for a mix of both. If you find that you learn best when working with others, an online class might be best for you. Your instructor will teach lessons, provide collaborative activities, and lead the class in group discussions. You'll experience all this in a virtual classroom where you'll be able to see and speak with classmates just as you would in a traditional classroom, but you won't have to incorporate a new commute into your life, which can save you time and money. This can bring you into conversation with fellow medical students who may provide you with new perspectives on material, and you can strengthen your existing understanding by sharing your knowledge with classmates.

If a private one-on-one learning environment is more your speed, we can find you a Memphis USMLE tutor who is able to offer you a highly individualized plan of instruction. The attention of a private instructor can help you discover your own strengths and weaknesses, so you can move quickly through material you've got a solid grasp on and focus closely on topics that you find yourself struggling with and can spend your study time more effectively and efficiently. If you feel comfortable in your knowledge of specific systems of the human body, but aren't sure about your abilities on the Multisystem Processes & Disorders section, say, you can narrow your studies accordingly. Your instructor will also be able to account for your learning style by creating visual aids if you're a visually-oriented learner, for example. Private instruction can make your personal success the top priority.

How can I get enrolled?

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors, we can give you more details about your Memphis USMLE prep options, discuss your needs and talk through scheduling, and get you signed up for either an online course or a private tutor quickly and easily. The USMLE may seem intimidating, but with the right guidance, you may find yourself making prep progress faster than you expect. Plus, the skills you'll be tested on may pay off further down the line, both in your career as a student and even after you get your license. Give us a call today and learn more about what USMLE prep can do for you.

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