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Give your student an upper hand by enrolling them in a Tulsa ISEE course provided by Varsity Tutors. These courses are designed to give students a hands-on learning experience that helps them prepare for test day-both academically and emotionally.

The ISEE and similar entrance exams cover a wide range of topics encounters throughout their education. Many students find this daunting and struggle to prioritize content and prepare adequately as a result. What's more, passing standardized tests is almost a skill in itself, as some problems can be confusing or ask students to choose the best answer out of a series of correct responses. At Varsity Tutors, we understand how difficult standardized tests are, which is why we offer the Tulsa ISEE class to help students get ahead.

If your student is planning on entering a private or independent school in the area, they'll probably need to take an exam like the ISEE. Many schools use this test to help them make admissions-related decisions. This means that scoring well on this test is important for helping your student stand out from other applicants. Our Tulsa ISEE course is designed to help students perform well on the test by letting them learn in a collaborative, fully-immersive learning environment. Lessons are conducted online by a professional instructor, who explains the coursework and works with students to better understand and apply the material covered. But that's not all. Your student doesn't just work with a lecturer-they study with peers preparing for the same test. Everyone is encouraged to work together to overcome obstacles, share resources, and answer questions as a group. Many students admit that this level of collaboration helps them to remember and better understand the coursework, which is important for preparing them for the actual ISEE.

What could a Tulsa ISEE class help my student review?

Our classes cover everything your student will encounter on their actual test. The type of class your student attends depends on the type of test they're taking. Students entering the 2nd to 4th grade will study for the Primary Level test. This test covers basic arithmetic, reading comprehension, and writing. Students entering the 2nd grade are also given a short listening exercise where they'll have to summarize a few short audio stories. Students entering the 5th grade or higher will take the Lower, Middle, or Upper Level ISEE based on their grade level. These tests cover the same general subjects, but the difficulty increases depending on the test level. Those subjects are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Math Achievement, Reading Comprehension, and a written essay. Let's look more in depth at each section of the test.

Many students find the Verbal Reasoning section of the test to be challenging. Here's test-takers will be assessed on their command of the English language. Understanding the nuanced meanings between synonyms and having a big vocabulary is important for performing well in this section. Students taking the Middle and Upper Level version of the test may find the Verbal Reasoning portion especially difficult, as they'll be required to find the definition of words using contextual clues and looking at Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek root words.

The ISEE has two portions that look at math: Quantitative Reasoning and Math Achievement. But both sections approach math differently. The Quantitative Reasoning section of the test looks at how students are able to apply math in a number of practical situations. Here, students will need to solve word problems, demonstrate a basic understanding of statistics, and calculate distance and area of objects. The Math Achievement section is more subject-oriented, presenting questions similar to the ones found in math classes. Lower Level students will be assessed on concepts like basic algebra and geometry here, while Middle and Upper Level students need to have a good understanding of exponents, variables, and probability.

The Reading Comprehension portion of the ISEE is pretty straightforward. Students are given reading passages and required to extract and apply important information, as well as reading for gist and summarizing the general theme of their articles. This becomes a bit more challenging on the Upper Level test, where students also have to pinpoint and understand differences and defining features of various genres.

The last section is the Essay portion of the test. This is where students get a chance to share a little more about themselves to their prospective schools, which is a great way to stand apart from other applicants. To perform well on this segment, students also need to have a good understanding of written English, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and structure.

How does the Tulsa ISEE class help my student prepare?

Students enrolled in our class get to actively participate in the learning experience. Instead of memorizing definitions and key concepts, they engage in discussions and work with peers to apply their knowledge practically. For many participants, this helps with memorizing information and being able to recall it on the actual test. Instructors are experts in the test who can cover each of the topics students will be expected to know in depth while also covering strategies to help students maximize their potential.

Since the Tulsa ISEE class is conducted online, students never have to worry about cramming a study session into their schedules. Instead, they can choose how and where they want to study. This makes it easy to get a quick review during lunch, in the evenings, over the weekend, or any other time that's convenient for them.

How can I find a Tulsa ISEE prep course for my student?

If your student is one of the many pupils who can benefit from learning in a collaborative online environment, our course can help them prepare for the ISEE more efficiently. You can get them set up today by contacting Varsity Tutors and asking for more information about our Tulsa ISEE course. One of our friendly associates is happy to assist you with enrolling your student in one of our courses so they can start preparing for test day.

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