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Students have come to Varsity Tutors for St. Louis Spanish lessons for a variety of reasons. If you just started studying Spanish at a local high school such as St. Louis University High School or Affton High School, you might need some help going over the basics. If you're a more advanced Spanish student studying the language at Washington University in St. Louis or Saint Louis University, you might want assistance with the nuances of the language. There are also non-academic reasons to study Spanish. A working professional might want the job opportunities being bilingual can create, while a travel aficionado might learn it to make more out of trips to Spanish-speaking regions of the world. Somebody with a passion for Spanish history or culture may study it to feel closer to their favorite hobbies, while some people just find studying languages fun.

Regardless of your reasons, Spanish is a great language to study. It's the second-most spoken language in the United States and the world. It is spoken regularly on three continents (Europe, South America, North America), plus Latin America and the Caribbean. It may even help you move onto learning other Romance languages such as Romanian or French.

All of that being said, learning a new language can be challenging. While English and Spanish have certain structural similarities, there are still enough differences to make an English speaker's head spin. Verbs are conjugated differently, for example, and many Spanish verbs don't even follow the usual Spanish rules. Adjectives are also adjusted to account for the gender of the noun they modify, a concept that doesn't exist at all in English. Continue reading to learn more about how we may be able to help you reach for your Spanish-speaking potential.

What skills can I go over during St. Louis Spanish lessons?

It might be obvious, but practicing Spanish regularly is the best way to go about learning it. Unfortunately, most Spanish learners don't have the ability to immerse themselves in the language as much as they might like. A St. Louis Spanish tutor is a practice partner with availability that you can count on, allowing you to set time aside each week for your Spanish development. If you have any questions about how to pronounce a particular accent mark or which adjective fits where, your instructor can provide a prompt response so that you can get back to work. Your instructor can also show you what fluent Spanish sounds like so that you know what you are working toward.

An expert instructor can also help you refine your written Spanish. Many students don't think of taking their outlining skills outside of English and social studies classes, but it's arguably even more important when working with a language you aren't as comfortable with. For instance, you might write down important words as they pop into your head so that you remember them when you need them. Your teacher can also review your work and provide constructive criticism on how you can improve.

You might also want to review the minutiae of Spanish with expert assistance. For example, Spanish nouns that end in "a" are typically feminine, while those that end in an "o" are usually masculine. There are numerous exceptions to this general rule of thumb, but it's a good place to start.

If your Spanish studies also include culture or history, an instructor can help you in those areas as well. You might be best served by treating these topics as a social studies class, as they're more about memorization than learning a language. If you're having a hard time remembering explorer's names or how Spain's treatment of their colonial empire continues to impact the contemporary world, your instructor might show you a mnemonic device to make it easier to keep everything straight.

How are your St. Louis Spanish lessons structured?

We provide two great services to individuals interested in learning Spanish: online courses and access to a private St. Louis Spanish tutor. If you enroll in one of our online courses, you'll have a set meeting time with a knowledgeable instructor and other students. Each instructor is vetted extensively, so you can trust that you're getting a great communicator with a strong command of everything Spanish. Our Live Learning Platform also allows you to see and hear as though you were in a traditional classroom, so asking for help is as simple as raising your hand.

You can also hear your peers speak Spanish, exposing you to a variety of different accents and dialects. You can also try to help each other out while the teacher is working with someone else, establishing a collaborative learning environment that may promote a more complete understanding of Spanish language concepts. Sharing your classroom also allows you to split the associated bill, making formal instruction more affordable than you might think. You can also arrange private study time with your teacher if you feel as though you need personalized help overcoming a specific learning obstacle.

Of course, a St. Louis Spanish tutor is the best choice for individualized attention. A private instructor allows their pupil to study at their own pace, introducing new information quickly enough to keep sessions engaging but not so quickly as to feel overwhelming. They can also adapt their teaching methods to your preferred learning style to enhance your study efficiency.

For added convenience, we can set you up with digital or in-person sessions. If you choose to study online, you'll get access to our proprietary Live Learning Platform that harnesses powerful features like a virtual whiteboard and video chat functionality to bring face-to-face sessions to you. There is no commute involved, and you never need to worry about cleaning up the house because company is coming over. If you would prefer a more traditional experience, you may meet your tutor whenever and wherever you like.

Can I sign up for St. Louis Spanish lessons right now?

Sure. Educational consultants are currently available to answer any questions you have about the enrollment process. They can also explain more about the benefits of each of the St. Louis Spanish lessons offerings provided by Varsity Tutors, so don't be afraid to reach out today!

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