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Varsity Tutors is exactly what my son needed...In just a few weeks he had a better grasp on Spanish 4 and raised his grade significantly! I highly recommend them to anyone needed additional help! Thank you!

— VT Parent

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Alfredo is a wonderful teacher. My 7 year old son is able to focus on the lesson for the full hour because Alfredo makes if fun to learn Spanish. The sessions are recorded so we can go back and review and also see how well they interact together. Alfredo is also very willing to work with our schedule which changes frequently and he always makes time for our son's lessons.

— Eric C

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We've helped thousands of students improve their Spanish comprehension since 2008

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Their learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right tutors to help them succeed.

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I have always wanted to learn Spanish and never have I been able to really do so. With Varsity Tutors and my fabulous tutor, I now can have real conversations. The interface is easy, my tutor can see my work and correct it with a white board function. Very pleased.

— James L

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We've helped thousands of students improve their Spanish comprehension since 2008

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Your learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right tutors to help them succeed.

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It's amazing how much I've learned in the past few weeks! My tutor, Anne is very knowledgeable, patient and always gives me feedback with lots of praise for my efforts. I feel very confident to use what I have learned to speak to my Spanish speaking patients.

— Varsity Tutors Spanish Language Learner

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Students of any age and language learning level can take advantage of Spanish lessons provided by Varsity Tutors. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school or college student studying the language as part of your diploma or degree requirements, a business professional learning Spanish to open up career opportunities in an increasingly global marketplace, or someone studying the language for fun in your free time. We can connect you with flexible and effective Spanish lesson options to build your understanding of the Spanish language.

When you sign up for Spanish lessons provided by Varsity Tutors, you can choose online classes that feature a skilled Spanish teacher and a set of classmates who are eager to learn the language just like you. You can also opt to work individually with an expert Spanish tutor who can focus on your specific needs to improve your command of the language. You could even take advantage of both of these options for maximal language learning opportunities.

The ability to speak and understand the Spanish language can prove beneficial in several ways. There are more than 430 million native Spanish speakers, and it is the official language of around 20 different countries. Because it is the second most spoken language both in the world and throughout the United States, learning Spanish gives you the opportunity to communicate with people from diverse locations and cultures.

If you are a native English speaker, Spanish is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn. Learning Spanish is thought to be easier because, while the rules are different, grammar and sentence structures in Spanish are often simpler than they are in English. The fact that Spanish is closely related to other Romance languages such as French and Italian means that learning it could also give you an advantage if you decide to tackle a related language later.

What type of content can Spanish lessons near me review?

Like any language, Spanish has some nuances that can be difficult for non-native speakers to grasp. When you sign up to participate in Spanish lessons provided by Varsity Tutors, you can review a variety of topics such as grammar rules, sentence structure, gendered nouns, verb conjugation, and vocabulary with the hopes of improving your ability to speak and comprehend the language.

Gendered nouns are one of the content areas that can prove challenging to anyone who does not have experience with a gender-based language. Spanish, like French, German, and Russian, makes use of gendered nouns. What this means is that nouns are assigned a gender that will affect any of the adjectives used to describe them. The general rule is that a noun’s gender can be determined by its spelling. If the final letter in the word is an “o,” the word is usually masculine. Likewise, if the word ends with an “a,” it is most often a feminine noun. While this is a good rule of thumb, there are exceptions, and the only way to master those is through memorization. Your instructor can review these exceptions with you and provide constructive feedback if you use them incorrectly.

Whether you enroll in a class or decide to work with a tutor, your instructor can also cover adjectives. Adjectives are not only required to match a noun’s gender, but they must also agree in number. For example, if you are discussing a single white dog in Spanish, it would translate to “perro blanco.” In this instance, the gender of the adjective “blanco” is changed to match the masculine noun “perro.” Had the noun been feminine, the correct adjective would have been “blanca.” Appropriately changing descriptive words to match their noun is one of the many subjects you can learn about from your Spanish instructor. They can also assist you in memorizing the exceptions to this rule because, as with nouns, there are plenty of instances where an adjective does not fit the mold.

Learning new vocabulary is an integral part of learning Spanish. Your lessons can introduce you to new words and ensure that you are emphasizing and pronouncing them correctly. Similar to English, if you change the pronunciation of a word in Spanish, it could have a completely different meaning.

In addition to vocabulary, gender rules, sentence structure, and written Spanish, your lessons can help you learn about the history and culture of Spanish-speaking nations. Exposure to literature, films, and news from countries that use Spanish as a primary language can help you gain a better understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures while also providing you with extra practice.

What are the benefits of Spanish lessons near me?

Whether you prefer to learn in a collaborative environment or you want to receive individualized attention from a private instructor, we can set you up with lessons that work for you. Students who like interacting with others and sharing ideas might choose to sign up for an online course. When you enroll in a course, you will gain access to a virtual classroom and be taught by a highly qualified instructor who can cover the language in engaging and effective ways. During your lessons, you will be able to see, hear, and interact directly with your instructor. This allows you to get top-notch language instruction, ask questions, and hear what other students are curious about that you may not have considered.

In addition to being able to communicate with and learn from your instructor, you can also collaborate with other students in the class. Group activities and the opportunity to gain understanding collaboratively can actually help you learn faster. The more resources and assistance you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to gain a better command of your new language.

A more individualized and private learning environment is available when you sign up for tutoring, which is a great way to get focused attention on the areas of the language where you need the most support. We can connect you with a skilled instructor who will work with you one-on-one and cater to your individual needs.

Because you receive their full attention, your private instructor can identify your individual learning style and create a lesson plan that uses a matching teaching approach to help you work through any obstacles you have in understanding grammar rules, vocabulary, or pronunciations. For example, if you are a visual learner, your tutor could provide you with flashcards to drill on vocabulary or have you watch videos where actors speak Spanish while captions consisting of English translations appear on the screen.

As your ability to speak and understand Spanish improve, your instructor can adapt your lesson plan accordingly. This personalized approach to learning ensures that you don’t spend valuable lesson time practicing concepts of which you already have a solid understanding. Instead, you can spend your time on topics that can increase your command of the language.

While both lesson options each have unique features, they also have overlapping values. Arguably, one of the most beneficial aspects of language lessons provided by Varsity Tutors is your ability to converse with expert Spanish instructors. When attempting to learn a new language, it is essential to have the opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills in order to increase your confidence, improve your pronunciation, and hone your listening and comprehension skills. Both online courses and private tutoring will give you the chance to utilize the language skills that you are developing on a consistent basis. For example, during courses, your instructor may have you participate in group projects and discussions with other students to improve your speaking skills. You could also participate in role plays and other exercises to simulate immersion, which is a powerful way to learn a language quickly. A private instructor, on the other hand, can give you plenty of conversation practice during sessions while discussing topics that you find interesting to encourage engagement and make your lessons more enjoyable. Are you a fan of lucha libre? Your instructor can have conversations with you about what’s happening with your favorite luchadores.

Depending on your level of proficiency, your instructor may even lead entire sessions in Spanish. Without having your native language to fall back on, immersive lessons in Spanish can help you improve your ability to speak and understand the language in a quicker fashion.

Do you like the sound of both online courses and tutoring? Well, there is no reason you can’t benefit from both lesson formats if you wish to increase the amount of time you have to practice and reach for your language goals.

Where and when can I attend Spanish lessons near me?

Both online courses and private instruction offer flexible options so that you can find Spanish lessons that fit into your schedule. We know you have a lot of responsibilities and obligations, so you’ll have plenty of choices.

If learning from an expert instructor while collaborating with motivated students sounds best to you, then you’ll love the course option. Since courses take place in a virtual online environment, you won’t have to deal with many of the usual obstacles that accompany taking a traditional class. For example, you don’t have to commute to a physical classroom. The only things you will need to attend your class are a stable Internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Do you prefer to study in the quiet of your local library, at your favorite coffee shop, or from the comfort of your own home? Signing up for a course provided by Varsity Tutors gives you the freedom to practice Spanish from the place that’s most comfortable and conducive to your learning.

Location independence is not the only advantage of our language courses. We also make it easy to find a session to fit into your busy schedule. There are a variety of sections available. When you enroll in a course, you will also be able to choose between two and four-week sessions. New sections start on a monthly basis. This means that, regardless of your Spanish-speaking goals or reason for studying the language, you will not need to wait long to benefit from the expertise and advice of a highly qualified instructor.

Spanish class sections have varying schedules, which means that you can sign up for the class that meets on days that work for you at times you are available. Is your schedule so demanding that you only have time to improve your language skills during your lunch hour on weekdays? Do you need to study in the evenings, or are you an early riser and would like to practice verb conjugations over breakfast? We understand, which is why we offer a diverse set of class sections to accommodate many different scheduling needs.

Setting up study sessions with a Spanish tutor exceeds the scheduling flexibility of our classes. We can do all the work to find a tutor who has the right skill set for your needs while having availability that matches with yours. You can meet with your tutor through our Live Learning Platform and receive face-to-face instruction from anywhere with an Internet connection. Our platform allows you and your instructor to take advantage of features like video chat and a virtual whiteboard for a learning experience every bit as good as you could get in person. Depending on where you live, though, you may also have the option to meet with your private instructor in person at a location and time that works best for both of you.

You can get started with a tutor even more quickly than you can begin attending a class. When you contact Varsity Tutors, we can connect you with a highly qualified and skilled private instructor in as little as 24 hours.

How can I get signed up for Spanish lessons near me?

Enrolling in a Spanish course or connecting with a tutor in your area is as simple as contacting Varsity Tutors today. Our educational consultants are available to answer any questions you have and can help you select a Spanish lesson option that is right for you. Whether you opt for online classes, a tutor, or both, we’re excited to show you just how much progress you can make in your command of the Spanish language.

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