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Varsity Tutors is exactly what my son needed...In just a few weeks he had a better grasp on Spanish 4 and raised his grade significantly! I highly recommend them to anyone needed additional help! Thank you!

— VT Parent

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James is incredibly knowledgeable with the German language. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand and helps tremendously with pronunciation. He also gives vocabulary that is useful for everyday conversations, but also tailors it to words that I personally need for my studies. My German comprehension has increased dramatically in the 2 months I’ve been working with him.

— Leah D

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Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

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Your child's learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right instructors to help them succeed.

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I have always wanted to learn Spanish and never have I been able to really do so. With Varsity Tutors and my fabulous tutor, I now can have real conversations. The interface is easy, my tutor can see my work and correct it with a white board function. Very pleased.

— James L

What's your current level in German?
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Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

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Your learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right instructors to help them succeed.

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Our Spanish instructor at Varsity Tutors is very engaging and encourages both our understanding of the material as well as correct pronunciation. He is encouraging us at every turn and in just 2 lessons we have learned a great deal from him. We would recommend people to check into VT for learning a new language!

— Yusuf

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Students seeking German lessons can get connected to online courses or private German tutoring by reaching out to Varsity Tutors. German is one of the popular language learning offerings at high schools and colleges throughout North America. It’s also a common choice among working professionals and recreational language learners. Learning a second language has the potential to unlock a wide range of academic, professional, and personal opportunities. No matter what your age or ability may be, we would be happy to help you connect with a private German tutor or enroll you in a group course that can help you feel more confident in your German language skills.

German is one of the most widely taught foreign languages in Europe and the United States, and it is the most common native language spoken in the European Union. There are nearly 100 million native German speakers worldwide. Though it is recognized as an official or co-official language in just four countries (Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria), you might encounter German in some unexpected locales like Brazil and Namibia.

As technology continues to evolve, the people of the world become increasingly interconnected. Whether you’re learning German before your vacation to Berlin or you’re interested in a professional opportunity that requires German skills, it’s a smart idea to take part in German lessons that help you make the most out of the time and effort you put into learning a new language.

If you’re ready to learn German, Varsity Tutors can get you set up with two types of German lessons. We can enroll you in online classes, private tutoring, or a combination of the two. Each option features its own unique benefits, and students often find that their learning style meshes best with one or the other. However, some students find it most effective to take classes for a set curriculum and study with a private tutor to focus on their individual needs. No matter which option you choose, you’ll work with a professional instructor who’s well-versed in both the minutiae of the German language and how to effectively teach it to students like yourself.

What are some examples of concepts that German lessons near me can cover?

Along with English, Dutch, and Frisian, German is part of the Indo-European language family. Just as English does, German uses the Latin alphabet, so you won’t have to learn how to use too many new characters. There are three vowels that take an umlaut: ä, ö, and ü; and there is one additional character called the “eszett” that’s written as ß. There are many different German dialects, and most fall into the High German or Low German dialectical groups. High German is the dialect used in official capacities, such as administration, mass media, literature, and higher education. The vast majority of German classes available through high schools, universities, and continuing education programs will focus on High German.

The German language incorporates several concepts that may be unfamiliar to English speakers. For example, you will have to learn an entirely new way to approach verbs. Verbs are sorted into three primary classes: weak, mixed, and strong. Nouns also follow rules you may not find intuitive. German features inflected nouns, so you will have to take into account the case, gender, and number of a noun in order to use its correct form. Inflected nouns are common in Romance languages like French and Spanish, but English has no such system. Since these grammatical concepts are a key part of your German learning experience, it can make a difference to study alongside an expert teacher. Your instructor can teach you techniques to help you remember these new rules so you can apply your verb classification and noun inflection skills with greater ease.

In addition to teaching you the hard-and-fast rules of German grammar, you’ll also receive lessons that are geared toward achieving greater conversational fluency. Course instructors and private tutors can teach you essential German vocabulary, frequently used phrases, and help you work on your pronunciation. Live, interactive lessons allow you to refine your conversational skills and grammatical know-how.

What are the benefits of taking German lessons near me?

Students who are looking for individualized interaction during their lessons in German might prefer to work with a private tutor. Varsity Tutors can connect students at any proficiency level with professional, independent tutors who can provide them with a customized approach toward learning German. When you choose to study with a private tutor, you’ll receive instruction that’s tailored to help you reach for your goals. Plus, since you and your instructor will work one-on-one, each session is endlessly customizable. For example, if you find it simple to break down the construction of German noun compounds, you can move past this topic without having to wait for the rest of your classmates to catch up. Conversely, if you need to try different techniques to remember the most frequently used German prefixes, your instructor can introduce a variety of approaches. You’ll be able to take the time to fully understand concepts that you’ll need to know in order to move on successfully.

The personalized help that private German lessons provide isn’t limited to the subject matter. Your instructor can also use teaching methods that mesh with your preferred learning style and even incorporate your extracurricular interests. This can help you stay engaged with and enthusiastic about learning German. If you’re a travel buff, you and your tutor might incorporate this to talk about the best method to use to help you retain the genders of various forms of travel, like the masculine Bus (bus) or Zug (train) and the neuter Flugzeug (airplane). When you take German lessons from a private instructor, you can get personalized attention that can help you more thoroughly master key concepts.

If you are the type of learner who enjoys the collaborative spirit of a classroom, you might like German lessons you can take in an online classroom. You’ll attend class with a set of students who are motivated to learn the language as much as you are. Your expert German instructor will lead your class through a comprehensive German curriculum that’s designed to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the language. Attending an online course lets you experience the energy of a typical classroom-based German class, but in a much more convenient format. When you sign in, you’ll enter a virtual classroom where you can communicate with your instructor and the other students through video chat and the use of a virtual whiteboard. You’ll be able to interact just as easily as if you were in the same room together, and you can get immediate feedback.

German courses also allow for collaborative learning. Studying alongside other German students lets you exchange tips and tricks with other learners at your level. Your instructor might assign group activities during a German lesson to give you the chance to practice with and learn from your peers. When you share your knowledge with other students, you’re reinforcing the idea in your own mind as well. So, if you use a specific sound to demonstrate the correct way to pronounce the German character ß, you’re increasing your own retention of the concept. And if you’re having trouble with a concept, your fellow students can share the methods that helped them. That’s one of the best parts of attending a virtual course: the wide variety of perspectives you’ll encounter.

Both types of German lessons offer their own set of unique benefits, but there are many fundamental benefits shared between private tutoring and online courses. Studying with an enthusiastic instructor can help you keep a positive mindset if the going gets rough. Whether you choose to work with a private instructor or take part in German lessons in a virtual classroom, you will be working with an instructor who’s been carefully vetted to ensure that he or she has the knowledge and the skills to teach German in an enjoyable and comprehensive way.

In one-on-one tutoring and courses, your German instructor may choose to lead parts of your lesson in German. This type of immersive instruction can help you increase your listening comprehension and vocabulary skills since you won’t be able to rely on English to glean the meanings of words you might not know yet. However, your instructor will only use this method in ways that are appropriate for your current level, so don’t worry. The purpose of simulated immersion-style teaching isn’t to intimidate you and leave you lost. Your German teacher can opt to use this teaching technique if it’s right for you, and no matter how your lessons are taught, the overall goal will always be to increase your understanding of and confidence in the language.

Both virtual classes and private tutoring provide you with regular opportunities for interaction during each German lesson. The freedom to interact with your instructor (and in classes, other students) is perhaps the most critical component of language learning. As you develop your skills in speaking and understanding German, receiving immediate feedback from a fluent speaker can keep you on the right path when it comes to your pronunciation and listening skills. When you study with someone who is familiar with the most common stumbling blocks a budding German speaker might encounter, you can avoid forming bad habits before they become truly problematic.

Where can I attend German lessons near me?

No matter whether you choose to study with a private German instruction, enroll in an online course, or blend the two options, it’s easy to incorporate German lessons into your life.

If you choose to enroll in a German class, you’ll attend sessions from wherever you like. Virtual courses allow you more flexibility in terms of scheduling, as you no longer have to factor in the time it would take to commute to and from a physical classroom. As long as you have an internet connection, you can attend class. You can choose a comfortable, distraction-free environment in order to help you focus on the task at hand. You’ll also have a variety of options to choose from when you’re deciding when to take your class. There are two-week and four-week sessions held during the daytime, in the evening, or even over the weekend. Classes start on a monthly basis, so you can get started quickly.

Those who choose to connect with a private tutor may have an even easier time scheduling German lessons since you and your instructor can work together to figure out the times and days that work best for you. Private instruction offers you two options: you can meet your instructor online or have sessions in-person. Online sessions are conducted through the Live Learning Platform. You’ll have a face-to-face session with your tutor from wherever you like. If you prefer to meet with your tutor in person, the two of you can pick a mutually agreeable and convenient location. In-person sessions give you the opportunity to use German in the real world and can be an engaging enhancement to your curriculum.

How can I get started with German lessons near me?

It’s easy to enroll in a German course or connect with a tutor. Simply get in touch with Varsity Tutors online or by phone. Our educational consultants are able to answer any questions you may have about the many ways that German instruction can give your language learning a boost. They can also provide you with more information on the different types of lessons to help you select the option that will work best for you. Whether you are interested in enrolling in an online class or seeking out private tutoring, you can feel confident in the knowledge that you will receive professional, patient guidance. There are new German course sections beginning each month, and you can be connected to a private German tutor in as soon as 24 hours. Reach out to Varsity Tutors to get started on your journey toward German language fluency today.

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