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If you would like to take Charlotte Spanish lessons but aren't sure where to begin, Varsity Tutors offers two great services to make the process a little bit easier. Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the United States, the second most spoken language in the U.S. (to English), and the second most-spoken language in the world (to Mandarin Chinese). It is also recognized as an official language in approximately 20 countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and of course, Spain.

Clearly, individuals who choose to study Spanish are studying a language with practical purpose. If you're enrolled in your first foreign language course at a local high school like Myers Park High School or Mallard Creek High School, you can concentrate on the basics. If you're taking a more advanced college class at an institution like the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, your sessions might be a little more ambitious. Studying Spanish may also make sense for working professionals looking to improve their resume, dedicated travelers who would like to communicate with Spanish-speaking locals, scholars interested in studying Spanish texts, and anyone looking for a good academic challenge.

Make no mistake: While Spanish is usually considered the easiest of the Romance languages for native English speakers to learn, it is still tough. You need to memorize a brand new vocabulary, a new set of grammar rules, and how to pronounce a bunch of accent marks that simply aren't used in English. If you feel like you could use professional help with everything (or anything) above, give us a call today to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

What skills can I practice during Charlotte Spanish lessons?

Immersion is often the best way to get comfortable with a new language like Spanish, but it can be difficult to accomplish on your own. Sure, Spanish media is readily accessible, but the SAP button on your TV remote can't answer any questions you have, nor can it provide feedback on your pronunciation. In contrast, a Charlotte Spanish tutor can do all of these things and more. For example, your instructor can expose you to conversational Spanish early on to give you a sense of the fluency you are trying to accomplish.

Working with a professional Spanish teacher can also help you work on your Spanish-language writing skills. If you aren't in the habit of composing an outline for written Spanish assignments, doing so could be even more valuable than outlining other subjects. In Spanish, your outline serves as a reminder of Spanish words and phrases you intend to use, ensuring that you don't forget them mid-sentence. Your instructor can also provide feedback on your work, helping you understand what you are doing well and where you could still improve.

Professional assistance can also help you grasp the finer points of Spanish grammar. Every noun in the language is assigned a gender, and adjectives modifying nouns take on different forms according to these genders. A good rule of thumb is that words ending in "o" are masculine while "a" means feminine, but there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. Your instructor can help you come up with ways to remember what's masculine and what's feminine.

You can also go over Spanish culture and history as part of your studies. These topics are closely aligned with a traditional social studies curriculum, so you might want to approach them in the same way. Oral repetition can be a great way to learn important proper nouns, while watching pertinent documentaries can make learning more engaging.

How are your Charlotte Spanish lessons structured?

We provide two great services. First, we offer online Spanish classes consisting of you, other students, and an expert teacher who meet on our live virtual platform each week. Our platform allows you to see and hear the other people in the class as if you were in the same physical room, making asking for help as easy as raising your hand. We offer two and four-week class sessions for your convenience, and new classes start every month to make it easier to get started.

You might think that sharing your classroom is a bad thing at first, but many students end up finding it advantageous. Hearing other students speak Spanish exposes you to a variety of different accents and dialects, more accurately simulating what you would hear in a Spanish-speaking area. You can also complete group assignments and encourage each other to approach learning obstacles in novel ways, potentially finding a mnemonic device that works for you. Studying in a group also allows you to split the bill multiple ways, giving you great value for your money. If you ever feel like you could benefit from personalized attention, you can also arrange extra help sessions with your teacher outside of class meeting times.

If you want personalized attention all of the time, working with a private Charlotte Spanish tutor may be a better option for you. A personal instructor can design sessions with your unique needs in mind, improving your study efficiency. You can also study at your own pace, whether that means blasting through concepts you grasp intuitively or slowing things down to develop a more comprehensive understanding of a challenging topic.

We also try to make meeting your Charlotte Spanish tutor as convenient as we can. If you want to work online, our exclusive Live Learning Platform brings face-to-face instruction too your internet-enabled device of choice. This is a great option for Spanish learners who don't want to commute anywhere just to study the language. Alternatively, we can refer you to somebody in the Charlotte area who can meet you in a local library, restaurant, library, or even your own home. Either way, you are always in complete control of when your sessions take place to maintain the flexibility to live your life.

Can somebody help me sign up for Charlotte Spanish lessons today?

Sure. You can use the contact information provided below to reach out to a knowledgeable educational consultant who can walk you through the entire Charlotte Spanish lessons enrollment process. Varsity Tutors would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well, so reach out today!

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